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Cannon Poets

October 31

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Orbis 160


Orbis 161


Orbis 163


Orbis 163 Spring 2013


£5 (Overseas: £9/€12/$15)


Front cover artwork: ‘Geisha by Moonlight’ by Dana Gumms:




Featured Poet


Claire Louise Hunt: The Other; Vettriano; Symphony; Endings


Poems from Vuyelwa Carlin, I tell you naught for your comfort; Richard Dinges, Jr, Grackles; David Greenslade, Residual Cares; Hilary Hares, The Okitsu Lost Property Inspector;
Peter Longofono, This On?; Bogusia Wardein, Autobiography


Prose from Kittie Belltree, Fast Lane; Wayne Dean-Richards, Moment;

Nick Monks, Trying to Get On In Life


Translations: David Ball, Veilleur de jour by François Migeot; Zorica Sentic, quatre saisons


Past Master: Simon Currie on Hartley Coleridge


Reviews by Angelina Ayers, Ross Cogan, David HarmerJennifer A. McGowan,
Nuala Ní Chonchúir, D.A. Prince, Lynne Taylor, Dave Troman and Noel Williams

Orbis 163 contributors also include:

Shanta Acharya; Joan Byrne; Laura Ciraolo; Carole Coates;

Ed Coletti; Siobhan Daffy; Caroline Davies; Peter De Ville; Edward Dong;

Nicola Griffin; June Hall; Chris Hardy; Michael Henry; Richard Johnson;

Kathleen Kummer; Paul Lally; Huw Lawrence; Rowena Priestley;

Adam Reynolds; Michael D. Riley;  Vincent Smith; Alec Taylor;

Richard Thomas; Toni Thomas; Sarah Williams; Richard Wotton; Katrina Willoughby

Nick Burbridge

For another Orbis contributor: Anticlockwise, the 14 track McDermott’s Two Hours “best of” album

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Davide Trame

Details of latest collection from Davide Trame, Orbis contributor and subscriber here:

Orbis guidelines

Are on the ‘About Orbis‘ page but just to stress, as I have now started working on the Autumn issue: covering letters should not be confused with CVs: let your work do the talking.

But please include an email address if you have one, or a phone number. And name and address on the back of each poem; all editors tend to be awash with paper.

Carole Baldock has worked as an editor, publisher and writer
for quite a long time now, judging competitions
(eg: Haddon, Cambridge; Poetry by the Lake, Orta [twice]);
providing critiques; running workshops; organizing literary events:
New York, London, Paris –

 ‘Everyone said they’d come again which is, of course, the best feedback.’
(workshop for Cheshire County Council)

A triumph – you were brilliant’ (Dea Parkin, for Chorley & District Writers’ Circle)

A great success… Carole informed and entertained our students.’
(Abegail Morley, Benenden School)

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‘even if there aren’t 
always happy endings,
each beginning is filled with promise’.
                                                 (from Full of the Joys of Spring)

The ideal present, maybe – if you and yours like poetry (and even if they don’t think so) because there is something for everybody to enjoy in here:

GiveNew Image

Give Me Where To Stand
by Carole Baldock

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Theatre Review

October 1-19

Liverpool Playhouse

Reviewed for Whatsonstage: shorter version here:



‘Now that’s what you call theatre.’ Eithne Brown declared, and who am I to disagree, though perhaps a few quibbles…

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