December 2023

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Orbis 200: ‘All the best to you, and to Orbis!’
(Glyn Maxwell; shortlisted
for Best Collection in the Forward Prize)

‘Best wishes for the journal –
and congratulations
on such a successful magazine over the years’
(Joy Harjo, United States Poet Laureate)


Associate Editor (Book Reviews): Maria Isakova-Bennett

Reviews by: Reviews by: Philip Dunkerley; David Harmer; Jenny Hockey  
D.A.Prince; Pauline Rowe; Theresa Sowerby; Pam Thompson

Please note with new collections, press release in first instance –
not review copies.


Front cover artwork :‘Where stories unfold’ by Mario Sanchez Nevado;
Back cover, detail from image:

The elephant in the room…something beginning with X,
which descends  every year far too swiftly. Or else starting
with W, because as Bethany Pope  regales you
with her tale of a White Elephant, never more apparent
is it that one person’s dream gift is another’s nightmare.
It’s enough to have you biting those lovely Fuchsia nails
Ann Palmer is talking about. Yes, soon be time to be
Bringing Home Holly with Sue Speirs, the prickly stuff,
not the girl, although maybe… And like Debjani Chatterjee’s
experience, it’s Dawning on you that what’s needed is well,
you could call it Confirmation (John Lynch) everything will go
according to plan: will it be David Dumouriez’s An Anglican Event?
Does s.d.s. know better than you whether my mother is coming along?
And when we meet each other’s gaze, including Caroline Maldonado’s,
could we describe it as the salt of life as Yogesh Patel tells us? 
But that’s what Orbis 206 is here to do in its infinite variety: spice things up.

Featured Writer Michael Henry:
Scratchcard; Nightlife; Ibiza; The Italian Wine Bar; Exequy to a duckling

Poems from Charlie Baylis, watermelon sugar;
Debjani Chatterjee, Windrush Five Hundred;
Dr. Bethany Pope, Speaking In Tongues; Donna Pucciani, Basil, She Said;
Bill Richardson, Spooky action at a distance; Phil Vernon, Crossing the line

Prose from Ann Palmer, Fuchsia nails; Sari Pauloma, Reflecting;
John Siberry, Gone Fission

Translation W.D. Jackson, Goethe: The Erlking

Past Master: Michael Spinks on Max Jacob

Article: Cover Artist: Mario Sanchez Nevado

Orbis 206 Contributors also include
Denise Bennett; Ed Blundelll; Jim Conwell; Terence Culleton;
Christine Curtis; Robin Daglish; Simon Fletcher; Ray Givans;
Wendy Goulstone; Oz Hardwick; Eve Jackson; Marie Lecrivain;
Isaac Lee; Tina MacNaughton; Gabrielle O’Donovan; Helen Overell;
Richard Palmer; Rosalind Parkes; Jo Peters; Mykyta Ryzhykh; K.V. Skene

Any subject, 40 lines maximum
Prizes: 1st – £600, 2nd – £300, 3rd – £200
An additional £25 will be awarded to the top 3 commended poems
Judge: Malika Booker
Postal Entries £5.00 for one poem; £3.00 each for additional poems
Poetry Teignmouth , C/O Virginia Griem, 12 Little Hayes, Kingsteignton TQ12 3YP
Online Entries – £5.50 for one poem; £3.50 each for additional poems
Closing date: 31st January 2024