‘even if there aren’t 
always happy endings,
each beginning is filled with promise’.
                                                 (from Full of the Joys of Spring)

The ideal present, maybe – if you and yours like poetry (and even if they don’t think so) because there is something for everybody to enjoy in here:

GiveNew Image

Give Me Where To Stand
by Carole Baldock

But where, exactly?

That’s what we would all like to know, along with the when, why, what, who and how; perhaps some answers can be found in this poetry collection

And there have been quite a few satisfied customers –

I’ve read it so much, the pages are coming loose now (CD; New York)

3 more copies, please (AB; Cambs)


Available straight from the author’s  mouth, as it were: save money by ordering direct:
17 Greenhow Avenue, West Kirby, Wirral CH48 5EL

£6.50 inc p+p (£7.50 from publisher)


Carole Baldock has also published a poetry pamphlet, BITCHING


‘Rose-tinted glasses
colour the world delightful,
appropriate shades’

£3.50 including p+p.
Or enjoy both titles for just £9.00 



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