May 2016

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PENfro comps ad colour

July 15

PENfro Book Festival First Chapter Competition 2016 for first-time novelists

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July 31

PENfro Book Festival Poetry Competition 2016 PENfro comps ad colour

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May 24-28

The Merry Wives

Liverpool Playhouse


The plot thickens…so much so that it is really quite hard to describe this play but always very easy to appreciate Northern Broadsides as they make merry, putting heart and soul into the production. So here goes: along with suitors competing for the hand of Ann Page, Sir John Falstaff has set his

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May 20-21
on tour until October 1

The Complete Deaths

Liverpool Playhouse


Put 2 and 2 together, and what have you got? Well, if that were 75 + 4, a whole better deal because you end up with ‘The Complete Deaths’ (Ie in Shakespeare’s plays) and renowned troupe, Spymonkey. Plus, you get even more for your money because the play within the play as it were,

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Multi Genre

May 31

# The Bridport Prize 2016BridportOrbisMagazine_colour_Orbis colour

Poems/Short Stories/ Flash Fiction/Novels

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