March 2017

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March 28 – April 1

Liverpool Playhouse


Let’s start at the very end, which seems appropriate because of Matthew Bourne’s mischievous fondness and clever knack for turning the everyday and established topsy turvy. After all, his Q&A session seemed to have had the biggest ever turn out, and included a lot about his background as

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Orbis 178, Winter

£5 (Overseas: £10/€14/$16); Subs: £18/4 pa (Overseas: £36/€50/$60)

Front cover artwork: ‘Underneath the Grove of Sycamore” by Gavin Singleton
back cover, detail from image:

Not long now, surely…Saving the Light (Tom McFadden) tells us
Spring is on the way.
and we’ll all be outside, tucking into Haagen Dazs
Geroge Saito,somewhere, oh I don’t know, perhaps overlooking
Harbour Scene, sharing the view with Jack Little.
We could be looking for
Charlie Baylis and his Mermaids, or even
The Witch, Her Book in Martha Street’s tale.However, given the English weather,
more likely we’ll be thinking 
Sarah Sibley’s got it right: The wind is a curse,
if not quite as bad as what 
Vuyelwa Carlin says concerning
Rat in the Frosty Garden. But let’s get serious and discover
Dorothy Yamamoto knows about A brief history of footwear.
Or should that be
Surreal? Courtesy of Michael Henry, Je suis un mouchoir
because you can enjoy all sorts, even the unexpected, in

Featured Poet

Pat Galvin: The Moon Fell Among the Trees; Unseen; It was a Different Life,

Poems from: Derek Coyle, Carlow Poem #59; Robin Daglish, Nowhen;
Helen Kay, Dyslexia and the Live Art Hit; Elizabeth McSkeane,
Arguing with ArithmeticK. V. Twain, At Night I Covet the State of the Sculpture;
Martin Worster, The Night Guard

Prose from: Linda Griffin, Soldiers in the garden;
Mark Reece, A Meeting of StrangersSarah Samuels, The Parcel from Kabul

Translation: Fred Beake, Four poems from Theognis (Book 2)

Past Master: Philip Dunkerley on Cora Coralina

Reviews by
Ross Cogan,
Clairr O’Connor, David Harmer, Afric McGlinchey,
D. A. Prince, Lynne Taylor, David Troman
and Noel Williams

contributors also include:

Mark Behan; Denise Bennett; Gail Dendy; Richard George;
Ann Gibson; 
Alan Hester; Dorrie Johnson; Fred Johnston; Robert Kennedy;
Mary Lee; 
Michael McCarthy; Dave Medd; Nancy Anne Miller;
Simon Perchik; Jenna Plewes; 
Joan Sheridan Smith; Ginny Sullivan;
Peter Sutton Merryn Williams; Martin Worster

March 14 – 25


Liverpool Playhouse


Cyrano de Bergerac is one of those larger than life characters – well, his nose is certainly: a Renaissance Man, skilled in warfare as well as words,

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March 26

Federation of Writers Scotland Vernal Equinox Competition 2017

Three categories:

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MslexiaSSC17 Orbis ad

March 20

Mslexia Women’s Short Fiction Competition 2017 
now has two categories for previously unpublished work by women writers:
Short Story, for previously unpublished stories of up to 3,000,
and Flash Fiction, for tales of up to 300 words.

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March 31

Inkitt Publishing Novel Contest Inkittlogo.d0fa8a0c

Win & Get Published


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