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Orbis 175, Spring

£5 (Overseas: £9/€12/$16); Subs: £17/4 pa (Overseas: £35/€42/$58)

Front cover artwork: ‘White lacy April in Sussex’ by Gill Bustamante
back cover, detail from image:

Can we tempt you, since Di de Woolfson
is providing a Lure, to accompany us, and Sheri Vandermolen, on Holi Days,
or perhaps observe St. Kevin and the Otter with Mark D. Hart.
Or how about a visit, indeed, a visitation, from David J. Costello’s Angel,
although that may lead to States of emergency, Michael Bartholomew-Biggs,
warns us, in which case, like Anne Rees, you’ll be thinking:
May the Force be with you. But you could take refuge with Luke Palmer,
In the house of lying-in, where Kevin Griffiths is getting Next to the Skin,
because, as Neil McCarthy says, it’s Something of a sign
you do not want to be missing out on this issue.
And then find out from Sean Heslin, maybe, the result of A Courtroom Drama… 

Featured Poet: 
Jane Spiro: Painting eggs; Half, Whole

Poems from: Terence Brick: Ballade des Dames de Temps Jadis;
Susi Clare
George Moore: Natural Order n the Hands of Thomas Aquinas;
Andrew Pidoux
:The Grammar of the Garden; J. Twm: Fire of The Gods;
Kelley Jean White
: Women Who Refuse to Wear High Heels

Prose from: Kimmy Beach: Nuala: a Fable; Jane Spiro: Special Delivery

Translation: (Latin): Martin Lyon: To Wallace Batchelor, Librarian, on his Retirement

Past Master: Peter De Ville on Sidney Royse Lysaght

Reviews by: Maria Isakova Bennett, Ross Cogan, Angelina d’Roza,
David Harmer, Jennifer A. McGowan, Clairr O’Connor,
D.A. Prince, Andrew Taylor
and Lynne Taylor

Orbis 175 contributors also include:

Ruth Arnison; Prue.Chamberlayne; Kathryn Daszkiewicz; Richard Halperin;
Jenny Hill; V. B. Irons; Tom Kelly; Jenny King; Simon Leonard;
Caroline Maldonado; Lindy Newns; William Oxley; Cedric Picken;
Anne Rees; Roger G. Singer; Sue Spiers;
Rosamund Taylor; Peter Viggers; Lyn White; Howard Wright

July 1 – August 21

The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre


Bit of a misnomer since this tale reveals that of the two friends, Valentine may be a gentleman; Proteus decidely is not. It’s something of a tangled

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Buzzwords Open Poetry Competition

Closing date AUGUST 7th

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Thomas Gray Anniversary Poetry Competition

Closing date: June 24th

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Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year Competition 2016 
Deadline for entries: June 17 

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Orbis ad colour

June 30

The London Magazine’s annual poetry competition looks for new poets whose work is adventurous, innovative and surprising in both form and content.

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PENfro comps ad colour

July 15

PENfro Book Festival First Chapter Competition 2016 for first-time novelists

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July 31

PENfro Book Festival Poetry Competition 2016 PENfro comps ad colour

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May 24-28

The Merry Wives

Liverpool Playhouse


The plot thickens…so much so that it is really quite hard to describe this play but always very easy to appreciate Northern Broadsides as they make merry, putting heart and soul into the production. So here goes: along with suitors competing for the hand of Ann Page, Sir John Falstaff has set his

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May 20-21
on tour until October 1

The Complete Deaths

Liverpool Playhouse


Put 2 and 2 together, and what have you got? Well, if that were 75 + 4, a whole better deal because you end up with ‘The Complete Deaths’ (Ie in Shakespeare’s plays) and renowned troupe, Spymonkey. Plus, you get even more for your money because the play within the play as it were,

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