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198, Winter 2021

Editor: Carole Baldock
Associate Editor (Book Reviews) Maria Isakova Bennett

£5.50 (Overseas: £11.50/€14/$16); Subs: £19/4 pa (Overseas: £42/€50/$60)

Front cover artwork: ‘Time and Place‘ by Peter Raymond
(from an idea by Carole Baldock)

back cover, detail from image: www.prphoto.co.uk

‘Tis the season to be…
keeping your fingers crossed yet again
in the hope of Yuletide celebrations going to plan.
But whether commiserations or congratulations, you can immerse
yourself in this festive feast, soaring high with Maureen Jivani at Two Minutes
to 13
, never worrying about The Weight of Light (KB Ballentine)
or Richard Lister and his Riddle from the sands, while making the most of
Beth Booth’s Swooping Season. As for Xxxx shopping, an apology from
David LukensWhy I can’t tell you the way to Tescobut not a problem
At the end of the day (Kathryn MacDonald), you could easily
pick up something colourful in Ceruleanlike Luke Morgan or
an absolute bargain at 
Helen Overell’s Point of sale in the Charity Shop,
and enjoy a tale about Gretel and the woodcutter from Simon Leonard.
In fact,
 there’s sure to be something in this issue for everybody to enjoy

Featured Poet
Pauline Hall
: The Affair; Pleasures; Getting away; Collisions ; Panache

Poems from:
Adrian Buckner (Adjective on the town); Miranda Day (The Rock and the Water);
Max Roland Ekstrom (My Maternity) Matt Haw (Gloomers);
Luke Morgan (Cerulean); Mary Mulholland (Playing with snakes);
Pete Mullineaux (‘Don’t always expect fireworks…’); 
Sara Truuvert
(Will My Iguana Love Me?)

Prose from: James Brasfield (The Carpathian Connection);
Philip Dunkerley (The Godsend);Jean Maskell (At the crossroads)

Translation: Niels hav (Sker det at nogen siger fra?)

Past Master: Susan Wismer on Tekahionwake: E. Pauline Johnson

Reviews by
David Harmer, D. A. Prince, Pauline Rowe, Theresa Sowerby and Andrew Taylor


Orbis 198 contributors also include
Michael Bartholomew-Biggs; David Burridge; RC deWinter;
Massimo Fantuzzi; George Freek; Victoria Gatehouse; Doreen Hinchliffe;
Sue Kauth;
Alicia Byrne Keane; Jennie Owen; Frances Sackett; Penny Sharman;
Matt Smith; Peter Sutton; Sarah Wimbush; Mantz Yorke





January 14
Magma’s 2021/22 Poetry Competitions


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MMU_logoDec21MBdownload (1) Manchester Met_horizontal_black

January 28
The 2021 Manchester Writing Competition


£10,000 prizes for the best portfolio
of three to five poems and best short story of up to 2,500 words.
Submissions must be new work, not previously published.
Open internationally to new and established writers, aged 16 or over.
Deadline: 28 January 2022
Entry fee: £18 (reduced price entry available)
Organised by the Manchester Writing School at Manchester Metropolitan University.
Judged by Romalyn Ante, Malika Booker and Zaffar Kunial (Poetry)
and Hilaire, Simon Okotie and Nicholas Royle (Fiction).
For full details, to enter, and to read last year’s winners,
visit the Competition website: www.mmu.ac.uk/writingcompetition/
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Wolfthumbnail_Wolf Comp

December 31
Wolverhampton Literature Festival Fifth Poetry Competition


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December 27

The London Magazine Poetry Prize 2021


December 6
Mslexia Poetry & Pamphlet Competition
Mslexia Publications Ltd, PO Box 656,
Newcastle upon Tyne NE99 1PZ

January 9



https://www.sheptonsnowdrops.org.uk/competitions-2022.html Read the rest of this entry »

October 19-23

War of the Worlds


Reviewed for North West End: www.northwestend.co.uk



What a tangled web we weave, especially these days when the Internet ensures all kinds of information reach the parts that other sources can’t get to. Fake news can make people belligerent or else scare them out of their wits, just as it did with the broadcast of ‘War of the Worlds’ years ago. Read the rest of this entry »

October 12-16

Dracula: The Untold Story
imitating the dog and Leeds Playhouse

Adapted and directed by Andrew Quick and Pete Brooks



Reviewed for North West End: www.northwestend.co.uk


The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and here we are on Route 66 (or should that be 666?), since that’s their year (read on…), and a young lady has just walked into a police station to confess to murder. But she says her name is Mina Harker…

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July 17- August 30

Pride And Prejudice

Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre


Reviewed for Writebase: https://writebase.co.uk/



It is a truth universally acknowledged – that you absolutely do not need to open with such a well known quote, or variations thereof, even if it establishes that most people know what you are talking about, and a plot summary is not required. Nor that such a familiar tale couldn’t prove damn’d tricky to be given enough of a spin to sprinkle it with stardust and make it fresh and original. It succeeds wonderfully.

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August 19-30

Jungle Book

Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre


Reviewed for Writebase: https://writebase.co.uk/




They say the sun shines on the righteous, so here, only right that the forecast of rain was incorrect – though it became a biblical outpouring almost as soon as this swinging performance finished. Read the rest of this entry »

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