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bis 180, Summer

£5 (Overseas: £10/€14/$16); Subs: £18/4 pa (Overseas: £38/€50/$60)

Front cover artwork: ‘Day Out by James Walsh ©
back cover, detail from image:

Here’s one for all those with a child genius, and a vague yearning to learn
(just try googling it…): 
be intrigued by Laura Seymour
The fate of the peanut specialist. 
Not to mention Frances Sackett’s
description of the
Moon in Flood –and why is Mum’s Laughing 
(Anne Stewart)?
And just how do you go about
Outwitting Baba Yaga? Pat Farrington explains,
John Andrew spins a yarn about his Line of Ancestry.
Join in with Elizabeth Barton’s Song of a Suburb, keeping a watch, though,
Sue Davies and The Strawberry Thieves, as well as The Burner
(Tom Moody). Then relax with some Cocktails in the company
James Conor Patterson, raising a glass to Neil Beardmore’s Amanuensis.
But heed the Teachings of the Shaman from Louis Nthendaand Sarah Barnsley’s
We have made a number of key appointments
be sure to keep yours with this issue of Orbis

Featured Poet Kevin Casey: A New Confectionery; Promises; Darning the Sky

Poems from: Arthur Broomfield, Seeing Limerick Station through quantum physics;
Craig Kurtz, Huswife’s Velleity; Edward O’Dwyer, The End of Ice-Cream;
Fiona Pitt-Kethley, Figs and Amethysts; Gwen Sayers, Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika

Prose from Charles Osborne, The Girl in the Sand; Jennifer Ouellette, The Heroes;
Pavle Radonic, LOVES HIGH AND LOW Wives and Devotions

Translation: Brent Southgate, Poems from Martial

Past Master: Helen Ashley on Edward Thomas

Reviews by Clairr O’Connor, Angelina d’Roza, Philip Dunkerley, David Harmer,
D. A. Prince, Andrew Taylor, David Troman
and Noel Williams

Orbis 180 contributors also include

Mike Alderson; Aidan Baker; Linda Benninghoff; Toby Campion; Andrew Curtis;
Nathan Fidler; Angela Howarth; Ian McLachlan; Antony Mair;
Katherine Noone; Val Pargeter; Karen Petersen; Laura Potts; Paul Protheroe;
Natalie Scott; K. V. Skene; David Troman; Chris Woods

September 18
Mslexia Women’s Novel Competition 2017

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Storeyhouse, Chester



September 5-9


Another first – not just the musical but the newly opened 800 seater auditorium, so maybe a bit churlish to mention

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August 31
The London Magazine’s Essay Competition 2017

LondonOrbis Essay comp grayscale2 Read the rest of this entry »

2ndOrbis SL Comp ad 17 clr

August 15
Second Light Open Poetry Competition

for Lond and Short Poems by Women 2017

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Torbay2Hotel003Closing date: Thursday, August 31st 2017

Torbay Open Poetry Competition

£1,000 first prize
plus free weekend at the poetry festival, (19th – 23rd Oct
2017 ), including accommodation and Festival Pass.
£400 second prizeplus a free Festival Pass.
£200 third prizeplus ticket for the
Festival Supper for two.
ENTRANCE FEE: £5.00 per poem, or 5 poems for £20.00.
Winners to be announced at the PRIZE-WINNERS’ PARTY on
Saturday 21st October, at the Torbay Poetry Festival, Livermead Cliff Hotel,
Torquay, Devon where short-listed poets will be invited to read their Read the rest of this entry »

Alice in Wonderland

Until August 17

Storeyhouse, Chester


Everybody loves Alice and enjoys her adventures and here we are, graced with a most inventive adaptation, which turns out to be an exuberant flight of fancy. That, plus all the wordplay, create an remarkable tribute to Lewis Carroll. However, it did seem like a play of two halves, and if the second one was meant to be based on Through The Looking Glass, Jabberwocky was the only thing which rang a bell, and although there was an extremely clever twist at the end of Part 1 which carried over, basically, Part Deux seemed somewhat superfluous. It was all rather confusing, well,for adults anyway. Read the rest of this entry »

The Beggar’s Opera

Until August 18

Storeyhouse, Chester


At long last, here we are in this lovely new building, with the novelty of so many excellent productions.And they may say beggars can’t be choosers but here’s a choice version being served up, if a touch on the Pantomime side – even to a Dame; tons of local references too.

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David Burland Poetry Prize 2017

31 July 2017

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UK + International

31 July 2017

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