Orbis 195, Spring

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Orbis 195, Spring 2021

£5.50 (Overseas:
£11.50/€14/$16); Subs: £19/4 pa (Overseas: £42/€50/$60)

Front cover artwork: ‘Millennium Wheel’ by Tiffany Budd
back cover, detail from image: www.tiffanybudd.co.uk

And at long last, after being stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Barry Smith),
seems like there’ll be something to look forward to, whilst of course
Living Within The Law as Richard George reminds us. OK, still feels like
High Wire Waiting Hilary Mellon describes, although we should not let
ourselves be
Overtaken as Gail Donahue has found. But even an April wind,
buffeting us and
Chris H. Sakellaridis, is welcome, as well as unusual activities
Kathy MilesMending the Night. No, it’ll all be fine, just Beware The Beast,
thanks to
Alice Harrison. Besides, start reading this issue and you’ll soon be
Hooked, you and Christopher M James both…

Featured Poet

David Mark Williams: Louis Bleriot Takes Off At Sunrise;
Sunday Morning with Mint Sauce; A Hedgehog’s Tapestry of Dreams;
Cake Library Aria

Poems from: Ruth Aylett (Costa Rican come-downs);
Mark Czanik (Fantasy Economics);
Zoe Karathanasi (Self-portrait as a Scythian Warrior Woman);

Dave Medd (Have A Poem For Your Birthday);
Sophie Sparham (Sunrise Over ALDI);
Jay Wickersham (Night-blooming Cereus)

from: Tim Love (Metamorphosis); Sarah Samuels (The Gate Posts);
Alec Taylor (The Book Of Joe)

Translation: Caroline Massola. From Planetaria Translated by Laura Chalar

Past Master: Dr. Benjamin Keatinge on James Clarence Mangan

Reviews by Maria Isakova Bennett, Philip Dunkerley, David Harmer,
Jenny Hockey, D. A. Prince, Theresa Sowerby
and Andrew Taylor

Orbis 195 contributors also include

Malcolm Carson; Kathryn Daszkiewicz; Peter Datyner; Lori Drummond-Mundal;
Marc Janssen; Robert Kennedy; Jenny King; Alison McCrossan;
Maeve McKenna; Pat Marum; Gabrielle O’Donovan;
Charles Rammelkamp;
Jenny Robb; Michael Sharp; Sue Spiers; Grahaeme Barrasford Young





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May 5
The 2021 Bristol Short Story Prize
Open to all writers whether published or unpublished

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May 1

Kipling Society John McGivering Poetry Prize 2021

Poems of Travel

Inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s writings


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April 30

Ver Poets Open Competition 2021


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April 30

SWC Annual International Poetry Competition 2021

Online entries: www.swconline.co.uk

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April 30

Ware Poets Open Poetry Competition 2021

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April 30



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April 30
21st Poetry on the Lake International Competition

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March 16
The 2021 New Welsh Writing Awards:
Rheidol Prize for Prose with a Welsh Theme or Setting

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March 12

Evesham Festival of Words Short Story Competition

Entry fee £5 per story.
2500 words maximum No theme.
Judge: Simon Whaley, Author, Writer, Photographer (www.simonwhaley.co.uk ).
Winner: £150 + engraved trophy
nd Prize: £50; 3rd Prize: £30
Entries must be submitted electronically
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