Orbis 202, Winter

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Orbis 202, Winter 2002

All the best to you, and to Orbis!
(Glyn Maxwell; shortlisted for Best Collection in the Forward Prize)

‘Best wishes for the journal – and congratulations on such a successful magazine
over the years’ (Joy Harjo, United States Poet Laureate)


Single issue: £6.50 (Overseas: £11.50/€14/$16); Subs: £20/4 pa (Overseas: £42/€50/$60)

Associate Editor (Book Reviews): Maria Isakova-Bennett

Reviews by Philip Dunkerley; David Harmer; Jenny Hockey;
Maria Isakova-Bennett; Jennifer McGowan; D.A. Prince;
Pauline Rowe; Theresa Sowerby; Pam Thompson

Please note with new collections, press release in first instance – not review copies.


Front cover artwork: ‘Miyajima 09‘ by Niels Nielsen
back cover, detail from image: www.petrifiedclouds.com

Oh come, all ye faithful: readers, subscribers, contributors –

something to warm your heart in this bitter Winter.
Let us whisk you away to somewhere exotic, and join 
Jackie Wills
when Cruella de Ville 
visits Brighton, or Charles Wilkinson, looking at
The House in the ForestNo? 
Well, how about Alexandra Corrin-Tachibana…
At the Fishmonger’s with my son
Then you could be transported by Tim Houghton – |
and T-Rex, unless you’ve reached 
Watershed; that’s you
and Nathanael O’Reilly both. But if you’re wondering 
what Martin Worster
means by 
The Let-Down, or Carolyn Oulton, asking 
What am I supposed to call this?
Catherine O’Brien may have the answer in A Lexicon Of You,
unless Rob McCarthy will translate From The Greek,
or George Moore,  using the Rosetta Stone
All the same, it’s no mystery
because reading Orbis
can help bring joy to the world.

Featured Poet, David Callin:
Fowmart; In Upper Sulby Glen; Preservation; Abney Park; The island; Elan

Poems from Claire Booker, The Horse In My Bedroom;
Roy Duffield A dream where procrastination works both ways;
Martin Elster De-ExtinctionCathy Grindrod, Aunt Margaret;
John Lanyon, Honorine Jobert; Jo Slade, O little root 

Prose from Charlotte Gringras, Midnight Memoir ; Phil Knight, Crosshairs;
Marie L’Ecrivain, Ugly: A Post Dystopian Tale

Translation: Stephen Capus, Desanka Maksimović: Za Zveri Oklevetane

Past Master: Mary Earnshaw on Anonymous

Orbis 202 Contributors also include

Jane Blanchard; Mark Carson; Alastair Clarke; Tina Cole;
Mark Czanik; Robin Ford; Peter French; Richard George;
Jill Jones; Judith Pollinger; David Punter; Michael Spinks;
Julia Stothard;
Katherine Swett; Anne Symons;  Carolyn Waudby;
Isobel Williams; Susan Wismer;
Marjory Woodfield




  1. MAY 31st


Prizes: 250, 75, 50 guineas

plus 1 year’s subs

(winner, 2 years’ subs)

Publication in The Frogmore Papers 

Shortlist: copies of selected Frogmore Press publications

Results announced early July

Fee: £4.  Length: 40 lines  

Adjudicator: Helena Nelson

SEND SAE: 21 Mildmay Road, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1PJ


The Plough Prize for Poetry 2023


Judge: Imtiaz Dharker

Now in its 20th year,
the Plough Prize for Poetry is an international open competition
for a poem up to 40 lines on any subject

Deadline 31st March 2023

Online Entry fee: £5.00 per poem; Postal Entry fee: £6.00 per poem:
The Plough Prize, The Plough Arts Centre, 9-11 Fore Street, Torrington EX38 8HQ




October 31st
Southport Writers’ Circle Annual Short Story Competition 2022


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October 31
The Bedford Competition


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October 21

Sonnet or Not 2022


Cannon Poets invite poems of 14 lines.
First Prize £500
Judge: Paul Francis
Details on website
or send SAE: Hon. Sec. Cannon Poets, 22, Margaret Grove, Birmingham, B17 9JH
Closing date 31st October Read the rest of this entry »


November 14th
2022 Café Writers Open Poetry Competition



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WH Logo for Orbis 1512x1064 colour


August 31

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July 31

* Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2022

11 – 17s


July 31

* Ironbridge Festival of the Imagination Open Poetry Competition



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