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I’ve been wondering: does Alex Turner
really sound more and more like Bowie?



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Orbis 183, Spring

£5 (Overseas: £11/€14/$16); Subs: £18/4 pa (Overseas: £40/€50/$60)

Front cover artwork: ‘Dragonflies First Flight’ by Amanda Dagg
back cover, detail from image:

Who wouldn’t love to know More About the Marmoset? Fortunately,
Max Gutmann can explain. 
And why is Alex Josephy writing
On Not Going into the Garden? It’s a Gift,
says Sarah Lindon, like creating poems such as Julie Maclean’s Light Wave
and Particles of Icarus
and John Timothy Robinson: A Keepsake
in Handfuls of Memory Eart
Or even when you know things like
This is how it feels before the rain, as Ben Macnair tells us.
Meanwhile, Yvonne Adami can be discovered Walking the Merri,
whilst Katherine Swett 
is a Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog.
Mark Carson however reveals the grim details 
of being an Apprentice;
like John-Christopher Johnson, think Frankenstein
On that rather dark note,
let us reassure you there’s plenty here to make you Smile
thank you,
Lorna Sherry; you’re sure to enjoy this issue,
along with Grahaeme Barrasford Young – Because I say so.
And finally, or rather, with Tony Hendry,
simply And

Featured Poet
, Judith Shaw: Greek Juggernaut; genuine middle eastern sculpture;
it helps somehow; There are more fences now

Poems from Lucía Orellana-Damacela, Rain Noir:
Zebulon Huset, Of Chivalry and Chance;
Ed Jones, When Jesus Spoke to the Elephants;
Mary Makofske, Creation/Apocalypse;
Hannah Stone, ‘How unpleasant to meet Mr Eliot’;
Martin Zarrop, Sleepers

Prose from Jim Meirose, The Burning Bush;
Luba Ostashevsky, People are crazy;
Lorna Sherry, Smile

Past Master: Eamonn Lynskey on Eugene Lee Hamilton

Reviews by Maria Isakova Bennett, Philip Dunkerley, David Harmer,
Afric McGlinchey, 
D. A. Prince, Andrew Taylor, Lynne Taylor and Noel Williams

Contributors also include

EDMmeans reviews about Cialis are only positive among people who used the drug.

John Arnold; Anne Ballard ; Stephen Clarke; Jim Conwell;
Nigel Ford; Paul Francis; 
Pauline Hawkesworth; Richard Hughes;
Paula Jennings; Lindy Newns; John Perrault; 
Anne Rees;
Peter Viggers; F. J. Williams; Nicky Winder

July 25

Settle Sessions 2018 Poetry Competition

You are invited to submit a poem or poems; maximum length per poem of 40 lines.

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July 30
PENfro Book Festival Poetry Competition
PENfro Book Festival First Chapter Competition

Croeswen Isaf, Betws Ifan, Newcastle Emlyn SA38 9QL

Penfro comp ad

HISSACOrbis 190x128mm Portrait Artwork (1)

Closing date: 31st July 2018

HISSAC Short Story Competition and Flash Fiction Competition

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August 9

Second Light Competition

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NAWGFest 2018

nawgInside cover ad31st August – 2nd September 2018

NAWGFest 2018

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August 24

Torbay Open Poetry Competition

Layout 1

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Swallows and Amazons

Until August 26

Storeyhouse, Chester


It’s a wonderful thing, children’s imagination, truly fantastic, and boundless. And for adaptations of this book, you certainly need to channel your inner child. That said, last time I saw a production, it was set in the attic; this, written by the acclaimed Bryony Lavery, has the undoubted advantage of

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The Big I Am

Until July 14



Peer Gynt? I know nothing.

And to be honest, not much wiser now except I don’t believe I should like to know him, for a worse anti-hero you are unlikely to meet. That he has

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June 30

Poetry Space Competition 2018 

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June 30
The London Magazine’s Poetry Prize 2018
1st Prize: £500 | 2nd Prize: £300 | 3rd Prize £200.
40 lines maximum.
Entry: £10, £5 for subsequent poems /

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