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Orbis 168 Summer 2014
£5 (Overseas: £9/€12/$15)
Subs: £17/4 pa (Overseas: £35/€42/$58)

Front cover artwork: ‘Tickled Pink’ by Lance Headlee;
back cover, detail from image: www.lanceheadlee.com

Featured Poet, 
Lance Nizami: AmericanaHealing; Zen

Poems from: John Temple Finnigan: ….take these broken wings and learn….;
Mandy HaggithSunderbansNiels HavWith Charlie Chaplin in Yulin;
Anzhelina PolonskayaThe Berkut of Mezhigorie (trans. Andrew Wachtel);
Noel WilliamsNight-scented stock

Prose from: Caroline Carverthe search; Michael CaseyLetter to Meryl;
Rachael HegartyThe Cleaning Lady

Translation: Terese Coe, Rainer Maria Rilke’s Fallende Sterne

Past Master: Ian Colville on Robert Herrick

Angelina Ayers, Maria Isakova Bennett, Suzannah Evans,
David Harmer, Afric McGlinchey, Jennifer McGowan,
Clairr O’Connor,  D. A. Prince, Lynne Taylor

Orbis 168 contributors also include:

Christopher Allen; Maria Bennett; Robert James Berry; Adrian Buckner;
Lucinda Carey; Ian Clarke; Nick Conrad; Jim Conwell; Anna Dwyer;
Anne Hay; Anne Humphreys; 
Ashleigh John; Terence John;
Shirley Jones; Gill Learner; Michael Mc Carthy; 
John Michael Mouskos;
Dr D. Parrott; Marcus Smith; 
Dolores Stewart; Lynne Taylor;
Jonathan Totman; Helen Whitten; Anna Wigley; Sarah Williams  


The London Magazine

Kudos101.pmdOctober 31
The London Magazine’s Short Story Competition

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Orbis 167


Orbis 167 Spring 2014


£5 (Overseas: £9/€12/$15); Subs: £17/4 pa (Overseas: £35/€42/$58)


Front cover artwork: ‘White butterflies and magical flowers at Peyto Lake’ by Casimira Mostyn; back cover, detail from image:www.casimirasquirkyart.com/

Featured Poet

Laura SeymourGlassweed; The National Grid; My Past Life 2; Professional Dowser, 1973

Poems from: K. J. BarrettEdward Thomas Dreamed of Spring; Clif MasonThe Sunlight Was Mortal; Katherine NoonePending; Kate O’Shea:The Doll’s House; Rosina ThomasThe Blue Room; Davide TrameNotes while travelling across the lagoon

Prose from: Jacob EdwardsDyslexica; Laura SolomonDesert Life, Desert Love

David Burridge: Franz Werfel, Der Weltfreund; Howard Giskin and Tang Yao: Ma Li,Sound of a Man Walking; Keep Your First Intuition


Past Master: Anne Lawrence on William Shakespeare


Reviews by Angelina Ayers, Maria Isakova Bennett, David Harmer, S.J. Holloway, Clairr O’Connor,

Lynne Taylor, Dave Troman and Noel Williams

Orbis 167 contributors also include:

Vivienne Artt; William Alderson; Caroline Ashley; Jane Blanchard; Daragh Bradish;
Louis Daniel Brodsky; Andrew Button; Al Campbell; Kathryn Daszkiewicz;Christine Despardes; Jane Penaz Eisner;
June English; Jilly Funnell; Adrian Green; Maureen Jivani; Pete Langley;
Lance Lee; Amitabh Mitra; Keith Moul; Kate O’Shea; Helen Overell; Helen Pizzey; Jimmy Rodda;
Paul Saville; Tom Sharp; K.V. Skene; Julia Stothard; F. J. Williams   

Kudos 101

For a limited period only – to celebrate our 100th issue:
6 issues for the price of 4: £18 – reduced to just £3 each

And you can use the contact form
to request a complimentary copy of the Summer issue



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Reviewed for Whatsonstage; 

October 3-25

Bright Phoenix
Everyman, Liverpool


The weird and wonderful cast is a good place to start because they may be reminiscent of characters you’ve actually known.

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Mslexia Diary now available.
And invite to submit prose and poetry submissions


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 Niamh Cusack & Des McAleer in Juno and the Paycock (c) Stephen Vaughan

October 1-18

Juno and the Paycock

Liverpool Playhouse





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October 31

Sponsored by Berforts Information Press Group.

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London Magazine

October 31
The London Magazine’s Short Story Competition

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Fish Publishing

FishNew Image

November 30
Short Story Competition 2014/15

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