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Orbis 174, Winter

£5 (Overseas: £9/€12/$16); Subs: £18/4 pa (Overseas: £35/€42/$58)

Front cover artwork: ‘Contemplation’ by Christopher Langley;
back cover, detail from image: www.christopherlangley.net

The light is brightening, finally, dawning you could say, with much to contemplate. For example,
Richard Toovey and Thirty-Six-Immortal-Poets-Japanese-Asian-Culture-/360314130089 pt=Art
But keep a very close watch on Colin Sutherill’s Snake Eyes
when accompanying Andy Hickmott and Zoology 101. Instead, you could head for the coast
to watch
Carolyn Oulton watching the Ebb-Tide, or join Beth Somerford at Ditchling Beacon, steering clear of The Hound of the Baskervilles ( Will Kemp) and David Greenslade’s Wicker Basket Tank if it comes at you, maybe After a minor medical hiatus (Elizabeth Birchall)..
So, back where we started, and Antony Mair is Thinking of Shelley in the Winter Gales,
John Vickers
pondering The white shadow, while Paul Connolly considers the Night and Stars
Indisputable Truth
(Bogusia Wardein), that’s what you are mostly going to find in this issue – though maybe best take it easy with Jenny Hamlett and The Enchanted Cakes at Capenhurst

Featured Poet

Michael Coy: Ambrose Clues-Up Augustine; Hitler’s Watercolours

Poems from: Roger Caldwell: John Steed in retirement remembers Mrs Peel; Jane Houston: Piddocks; Eve Jackson: It isn’t easy being sea; Jules Whiting: Tucked Between the Pages of a Wordless Glance; Jeremy Young: Metamorphosis

Prose from: Michael Coy: McBurney’s Urn; Jilly Funnell; Dinner Date;
Laura Solomon (with Kya Solomon, Zoe Solomon and Nadia Smith): Castle

Translation: David Ball: François Migeot: Faces

Past Master: Jean O’Brien on Dora Sigerson Shorter

Reviews by David Harmer, Jennifer A. McGowan, Clairr O’Connor, D. A. Prince,
Lynne Taylor, David Troman and Noel Williams

Orbis 174 contributors also include:

Arthur Broomfield, Shane Doheny, Julie Lumsden, Achilleas Katsaros, Rupert M Loydell,
Katherine Noone, Ann Osbourn, Rob Packer, Donna Pucciani, Adam Rooke, Alexandra Sashe,
K.V. Skene, Sheila Spence, Jean Stevens, Marc Swan, Frank Wood


May 24-28

The Merry Wives

Liverpool Playhouse



The plot thickens…so much so that it is really quite hard to describe this play but always very easy to appreciate Northern Broadsides as they make merry, putting heart and soul into the production. So here goes: along with suitors competing for the hand of Ann Page, Sir John Falstaff has set his

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May 20-21
on tour until October 1

The Complete Deaths

Liverpool Playhouse


Put 2 and 2 together, and what have you got? Well, if that were 75 + 4, a whole better deal because you end up with ‘The Complete Deaths’ (Ie in Shakespeare’s plays) and renowned troupe, Spymonkey. Plus, you get even more for your money because the play within the play as it were,

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Multi Genre

May 31

# The Bridport Prize 2016BridportOrbisMagazine_colour_Orbis colour

Poems/Short Stories/ Flash Fiction/Novels


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April 14-16

Iphigenia in Splott

Everyman Liverpool


If A Girl is a Half-formed Thing was kind of Greek Chorus, we’re bang up to date with a rap here, for all the eponymous title. Trouble is, only about half the dialogue is discernible. Annoyingly, you tend to miss a lot of the jokes, and there are a lot of jokes. It is also delivered so flamboyantly and often in such an exaggerated fashion, you also find yourself focussing on the curious pronunication (‘dare’ for ‘door’ etc).

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June 15

South Bank Poetry 3rd London Poetry Competition


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Multi Genre

MAY 31


All money in excess of prize fund goes to our charity Yeovil Community Arts Association
which sponsors group and individual effort in the arts in Yeovil and the surrounding area.


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April 5-9

A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing

Everyman Liverpool


Now you know what a tour de force is – and it’s very unlikely you will come across another such stunning production the rest of this year.

An extraordinary play, based on an extraordinary book by Eimear McBride’s, it’s a horribly familiar story, and familiarity does indeed breed contempt.

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30th April

Grey Hen Poetry Competition 2016 


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May 31

WritersReign Short Story Competition 2016


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