Orbis 188, Summer 2019

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I’m busy thinking, not exactly a Tarentino fan,
but my goodness, latest film is fantastic

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Orbis 188 (Summer)

£5 (Overseas: £11/€14/$16); Subs: £18/4 pa (Overseas: £40/€50/$60)

Front cover artwork: ‘Key to madness’ by Kelly Marie Davidson
back cover, detail from image: https://www.artgallery.co.uk/work/293532

We like to do what it says on the can, or rather, the cover,
so contents always range far and wide, in time as well as space,
and of course, from contributors all over the world. OK, maybe
it’s just a Meeting in an Upstairs Room, with Vivienne Hanna-Artt,
Will Daunt welcomes you to dear old England, and times gone by,
Adlestrop,  and you can go back to Thira 
with Wendy Goulstone,
aim for The Starry Outer Paradise with Yuan Hongri
by Manu Mangattu). Eamonn Lynskey takes you Walking
on the Via Vittoria Colonna, Rome
but you’d be surprised where
Andrew Curtis is headed in Bang to time; maybe even more so
when Sheila Aldous reveals The Secret of Breathing. Indeed, lean in to
Kevin Griffin, 
because he’s talking Sotto Voce, revealing perhaps that
Royston Tester 
is Still in love with the bass player,
the truth about Odin and the Caterpillar
from Warren Mortimer
and what Stuart Pickford’s up to in Big Nose and Fat Man.
So, like Cat Campbell, do you know what you Want?
In the end, let Taylor Strickland
show you: @RestAndBeThankful,
there’s plenty to enjoy in

Featured Poet
Gareth Roberts (Tidelands; Weeping from the King’s Wood…;
When the words are leaving)

Poems from: Lynn Foote (Veulettes-sur-Mer); Maggie Reed (Wonderful Clowns);
K. V. Skene 
(Moonsplaining the man); Anthony Watts (Ozymandias in the Wood)

Prose from: Desiree Kendrick (Don’t Hate Me);
Lani O’Hanlon (So bright and tender); Charles Osborne (Line 13)

Translation: Pablo Dubois (Espiga: The Ear Of Wheat);
Yvonne Reddick (Firesetter;
into German, by Jutta Kaussen;
into Hungarian, by Júlia Lázár)

Past Master: Benjamin Keatinge on Konstantin Miladinov

Reviews: Maria Isakova Bennett, David Harmer, Jenny Hockey, Afric McGlinchey,
Clairr O’Connor, D. A. Prince, Andrew Taylor
and Noel Williams

Orbis 188 Contributors also include

Sheila Aldous; Cat Campbell; Andrew Curtis; Will Daunt;
Maggie Davison; Miranda Day; Linda Ford; Wendy Goulstone;
Kevin Griffin; Vivienne Hanna-Artt; Alice Harrison;
Paul Jeffcutt;
L. B. Jørgensen; Lavinia Kumar; S. W. Layzell; Chris Luck;
Eamonn Lynskey; Nancy Anne Miller; Warren Mortimer;
Robert Nisbet; 
Katherine Noone; Gabrielle O’Donovan;
Stuart Pickford; Theresa Sowerby; 
Taylor Strickland;
Royston Tester; Robin Thomas; Hongri Yuan

BradtTWC 2020 690x365 (1)

Are you an aspiring travel writer?

Do you want the chance to have your work published?

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August 21-26

The Cynthia Lennon Story

Hope Street Theatre


A version of this review appears on Writebase: https://writebase.co.uk/


This girl was a fascinating, intelligent, beautiful woman, a talented artist who happened to be married to John Lennon – if ever a person could be said to ‘live in interesting times’ as the alleged Chinese curse has it, it was Cynthia Lennon.

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2019 Manchester Writing Competition

Deadline for entries: 20th September 2019



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Undercurrents invite entries: Aber Valley Arts
Festival: October 13 – 19
Theme – ‘Discovery’
Entry Fee: £3; 2 for £5. Maximum length: 48 Lines; 3500 words
Prize Money: Poetry: £75; £50; £25
Short stories: £100 £50 £30
Closing Date: Saturday 14th September, 2019
No need for an entry form,
but author’s name and contact details on a separate page to poems please
Send to: Undercurrents, Aber Valley, 15 Graig y Fedw, ABERTRIDWR, Caerffili CF83 4AQ

MslexiaOrbis 190mm by 128mm colour

September 30
Flash Fiction; Short Story; Novel

Orbis PBS Mslexia Prize Advert.indd


September 16
Women’s Poetry & Pamphlets Competition 2019
Presented by Mslexia and the Poetry Book Society

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September 15
Danny Pyle Memorial Competition
Humorous poem in any recognised format, no more than 35 lines.
1st Prize: £100; 2nd Prize: £50
Fee: £5; £10/5
Judge: Brenda Hutchings
6 The Mount, Higher Furzeham, Brixham, Devon TQ5 8QY

The Biographers’ Club Tony Lothian Prize 2019
Deadline: Thursday, August 30



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Dempseythumbnail_2019Nat Po Day Half page Dempsey and Windle Competition_edited-1

Dempsey & Windle Publishing

Deadline:14th September 2019


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