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Orbis 200, Summer 2022

All the best to you, and to Orbis! (Glyn Maxwell;
shortlisted for Best Collection in the Forward Prize)

‘Best wishes for the journal – and congratulations on such a successful magazine
over the years’ (Joy Harjo, United States Poet Laureate)


Single issue: £5.50 (Overseas: £11.50/€14/$16);
Subs: £19/4 pa (Overseas: £42/€50/$60)

Associate Editor (Book Reviews): Maria Isakova Bennett
Please note with new collections, press release in first instance – not review copies.

Reviews by Philip Dunkerley; David Harmer; Jenny Hockey; D.A. Prince;
Pauline Rowe; Theresa Sowerby; Andrew Taylor; Lynne Taylor

Front cover artwork:
designed by Tony Murphy

And here it is – you got the big issue:
Guest Poets, Featured Poets – and most of the poets chosen by you.
Yes, some doom and gloom but plenty of laughs along the way,
some of it quite surreal. Would you like to find out more,
Something I learned from Great Aunt EthelChristina Buckton
has the answer, or why
Lord Egremont decides to change course
Joy Wassell Timms), and how come Oz Hardwick is seeing Red
never mind
Sam Smith (facing a losing battle if you ask me):
Cat and I, impassive, face to face. What’s our Reviews Editor,
Maria Isakova Bennett 
doing at Coburg Wharf looking South and North?
David Harmer, busy Finding Stuart’s Bar,
Matt Bryden has adopted another identity
it seems, when
Clark Kent Revisits the Family Farm. Maggie Butt enjoys
Last Swim of the Season, though not so much fun for Sean Howard,
who is
missing poems (berkhamsted, herts).
Shall we join
David Mark Williams for some Adventurous Knitting,
or Michael Henry at The Bookseller’s Lunch? And hands up all those,
Annie Klier Newcomer, who knew Antimony has two meanings,
or what exactly is the
Suburban Secret? Let’s ask Eve Jackson, nicely,
And celebrate; every issue is special of course, but this one really is extra special…

Featured Poets

Hilary Mellon: Sleep; On Lensfield Road; The Sentence;The Busker

Michael Swan Ibex; tasting notes; rivers go where rivers go

Guest Poets: Simon Armitage; Gillian Clarke:Glyn Maxwell

Poems from: John Cassidy; The Big Dub: John Lindley, A Hutch Full Of Heaneys:
Nessa O’Mahony, Komorebi; Julie-ann Rowell Hether Blether

Prose from Katriona Campbell, Stelle cadente, Philip Dunkerley, Solution;
Verity Oswin, Dark Flight; Denise McSheehy,The Plate Spinner

Translation: Laura Chalar: Fernando Pessoa

Orbis 200 Contributors also include

Daragh Bradish; Alison Chisholm; Gladys Mary Coles; Terence Culleton;
Brian Daldorph; Patrick Deeley; Gail Dendy; María Castro Dominguez;
Attracta Fahy; Martin Figura; Simon Fletcher ; Isabel Greenslade;
Max Gutmann; Kevin Higgins; Jenny Hockey; Gaia Holmes;
Jack Houston; Fred Johnston; Christine Lao; Rupert M Loydell;
Gill McEvoy; Afric McGlinchey; Jennifer A McGowan; Tom Moody;
Lani O’Hanlon; Jo Peters; Jenna Plewes; D.A. Prince; Frances Sackett;
Myra Schneider; K. V. Skene; Ewan Smith; Christopher Southgate;
Theresa Sowerby; Pam Stocker; Andrew Taylor; Lynne Taylor; Karla Van Vliet;
June Wentland; Robin Lindsay Wilson; Chris Woods; Stephen Yeo


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August 31

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July 31

* Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2022

11 – 17s

July 31

* Ironbridge Festival of the Imagination Open Poetry Competition

August 2
Second Light Poetry Competition
For long and short poems by women.


August 27

Buzzwords Poetry Competition 2022

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July 31
Annual HISSAC Short Story & Flash Fiction Competitions


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April 26, Liverpool Playhouse

Reviewed for Writebase:



A magical and meaningful production which draws out so many parallels with life today, 80 years on, there are nearly as many lines as those spoken by the excellent cast. In other words, so many lessons to be learned in this iconic tale of animals taking over. Near as damnit, the lunatics running the asylum, with their delusional ideas and grandiose so-called victories.

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Fascinating Aîda

Floral Pavilion, New Brighton

February 1, reviewed for Writebase:



Who says women of a certain age are invisible? Three cheers for the ever glamorous, and indeed, downright sexy (not sure I’m permitted to say that, but damn sure they wouldn’t object) Fascinating Aîda, who not only make their presence felt but are so in your face you can see the whites of their eyes as the sweetest of harmonies deliver vitriol in the sharpest of points; a fabled, and fabulous, iron fist in a velvet glove. And you needn’t think the audience is full of, shall we say, women in their prime either because

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Poetry on the Lake International Poetry Competition 2022

Deadline: 30th June 2022


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