Orbis 197, Autumn

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Orbis 197, Autumn 2021

Dedicated to our Books Editor, Noel Williams, who sadly passed away in August:
an inspirationj to so many, he will be greatly missed by everybody

£5.50 (Overseas: £11.50/€14/$16); Subs: £19/4 pa (Overseas: £42/€50/$60)

Front Cover Artwork ‘Goltrai’ by Shanina Conway;
back cover, details from image: https://shanina-conway.pixels.com/index.html?tab=images

Many are the fans of Autumn, the wonderful colours,The lost jewels as Kate Scott
has it, sort of,
which you will find in Simon Fletcher’s Mist Walkers,
and the cosy nights, a time for
Reflecting, along with Kevin Brown. Although,
a last chance,  if still
Fortuitus, Kelley Jean White tells you, to be able
to accompany
Zara Raab and enjoy Sundays on the Coast,
Marjory Woodfield, because In Vienna, we find Hieronymus Bosch.
And if you do prefer indoors, visiting galleries,
you’ll relish
Neil Beardmore’s description of Eijo’s Women.
Of course, a
Funfair is always… fun, any time of year – or is it? Maybe not,
Myra Schneider’s view. But as nights grow darker, so do our tales,
whether you sample
Antony Mair’s Visitation, or simply, a Dark Pub,
courtesy of
David Callin. Well, we’ll drink a toast to that,
and the latest issue…

Featured Poet Callum James:The Old Man’s Watch; Mummy’s Sleeping;
Hanging Upside Down; Made Human; Asterism

Poems from Veronica Beedham (Scrivener will not plant marigolds in the mind);
Daragh Bradish (Transmogrify); Simon French (Coastal Art Hand);
Antony Mair (Visitation); Harry Owen (Plastic Grass); Myra Schneider (Funfair);
Marjory Woodfield (In Vienna, we find Hieronymus Bosch)

Prose from Mary Earnshaw (Hell); Marie C Lecrivain (La Celestina, 1904);
Charles Osborne (The Blackened House)

Translation: Fred Beake (Propertius Decides To Visit Athens)

Past Master: David Harmer on Noel Williams

Reviews by Maria Isakova Bennett, Philip Dunkerley, David Harmer,
Jenny Hockey, D. A. Prince, Theresa Sowerby
and Lynn Taylor

Orbis 197 contributors also include

Jill Boucher; Kevin Brown; Owen Bullock; Claudia Court; Andrew Curtis;
Jill Eulalie Dawson; Gail Dendy; Bill Dodd; Fiona Donaghey; Simon French;
Raymond Hall; Jenny Hamlett;
Margaret Jeune; Pat Jourdan; Linda King;
Fokkina McDonnell; Ralph Mold;
David Punter; Chris Raetschus; Anne Rees;
Paul Saville; Kate Scott; K. V. Skene; Davide Trame; Noel Williams




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National Poetry Competition 2021



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November 7
@ The Bradt New Travel Writer of the Year competition 2022

(part of the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards)

Theme: ‘It was Strangely Quiet'; 600-800 words



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30th September
Sentinel Poetry Book Competition 2021


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PRa Rosie Jackson 2021



September 30

Poetry Space Competition 2021


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July 16

Stephen Spender Prize for Poetry in Translation


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Annual HISSAC Short Story & Flash Fiction Competitions


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May 5
The 2021 Bristol Short Story Prize
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May 1

Kipling Society John McGivering Poetry Prize 2021

Poems of Travel

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Ver Poets Open Competition 2021


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