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199, Spring 2022

Single issue: £5.50 (Overseas: £11.50/€14/$16); Subs: £19/4 pa (Overseas: £42/€50/$60)

Associate Editor (Book Reviews): Maria Isakova Bennett
Please note with new collections, press release in first instance – not review copies

Reviews by Philip Dunkerley; David Harmer; Jenny Hockey; D.A. Prince;
Pauline Rowe; Theresa Sowerby; Andrew Taylor; Lynne Taylor

Front cover artwork: ‘Speyside Blooms‘ by Jonathan Wheeler
back cover, detail from image:

I’m sure you’ll agree with Mary Maher: there’s something Special
about this time of year. And although we may not, as
C. M. Buckland does,
Advice, poetry is full of useful ideas, and interesting tales:
would you like to know who are
Our Betters? Ask David Dumouriez.
The Seven Sisters Bracelet? Carmel Summers can tell you, or why is Noel King
telling us that Everybody Has A Swan Poem, So Why Can’t I? Maybe you could,
in the nicest possible way of course, get
Lost with Nick Conrad, in which case,
Next Stop, with Tim Dwyer, could be to check R. A. Allen’s File Footage.
Yes, Spring
Orbis is stuffed full of good things, for example, The Taxidermist
Verity Oswin. After all, like Clifford Liles, all readers will appreciate
A Subtle Tell of Stones
and that’s in every issue


Featured Poet Ciaran Buckley: Hammer Notes; Thursday; Homer, even; A Joke

Poems from: John Andrew (Revival);
Gareth Culshaw (The night an old gamekeeper visited);
Julian Dobson (In which the editor confesses to a typo);
Ayelet McKenzie (Expedition);
Martin Parker (Neighbours); Bill Richardson (The Changing Fall);
Helen Scadding (Gone granny)

Prose from: Patricia Leighton (Black Shadow Knocking);
Lindy Newns (Testimonial: II); Rob Walton (As if by magic)

Translation: Judith Wilkinson: Hanny Michaelis

Past Master: Peter Viggers, on Rainer Maria Rilke

Orbis 199 Contributors also include

Elaine Alarcontotten; Helen Ashley; Anne Banks; Charlie Baylis; Ed Blundell;
Jim Conwell; Bob Cooper; Christine Curtis; Peter Ebsworth; Jan FitzGerald;
Pam Gormally; Mary Hastilow; Derek Healy; Helen Heery; Martin Kerry;
Jean O’Brien; Caroline Smith; Sheila Spence; Claire Watson




Closing date 31st May 2021

Frome Festival Short Story Competition 2022

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Poet of the Year Competition 2022

Deadline 3 June, 2022

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Wirral Poetry Festival 12th Open Poetry Competition
Closing date
27 May, 2022

Adjudicators: Brian Wake (Open Prizes); Dave Costello (Wirral Prizes).
First Prize: £250 with 4 runners up: £25 each. Special Wirral Prize: £100 with 2 Wirral runners up: £25 each.
Entry fee remains at £4 per poem or £10 for 3 poems.
Winners & runners-up will be invited to read their winning poems at the next Wirral Poetry Festival 7-9 October 2022.
Winning poems will be published on the Festival website.
For further details, and to enter, visit
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MAY 31st


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Orbis194.pmdJanuary 25

The 9th Ó Bhéal Five Words Competition

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January 31
Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition
The Competition Administrator, Sentinel Literary Quarterly
120 Warland Road, London SE18 2ET

Poetry & Short Stories

January 21
Cúirt New Writing Prize 2022

Dempseythumbnail_Ad for the B_D Comp 2021

January 31

The Brian Dempsey Memorial Competition 2022


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TMOct19orbis 2022 colourJanuary 31

Teignmouth Poetry Festival Open Poetry Competition 2022

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