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Orbis 191, Spring 2020

£5 (Overseas:
£11/€14/$16); Subs: £18/4 pa (Overseas: £40/€50/$60)

Front cover artwork: ‘Hawk’ by Jan FitzGerald
back cover, detail from image:

It’s a whole new world out there – unfortunately prophetic words
to introduce the last issue. So now it’s poetry in the time of you-know-what
Hell on Earth)Dave Martin is not far wrong), something to cheer and inspire
and at least take our minds off it for a little while 
granting us Grace Evangelical
Tina Tocco), following A Simple Act; Complex Antecedents as Sam Smith points out.
 we could sympathise with Jack Debney’s The Cack-Hander’s Lament,
especially when, like 
Mike BarlowThe voice takes a break.  And we can always
escape, visit 
Richard Hughes, to appreciate some Variations at a taverna,
then the City Of Tulum with 
Kathryn MacDonald
(although you ask me, ignorance is bliss when it comes to the Maya),
or find out more about All those myths in the dark forest from
Penny Sharman, or The numen (Jan FitzGerald)  and what’s inside
the Powder Closet, Southside House… 
Ben Bransfield knows. Meanwhile,
Finola Scott can tell you all about Spoils and Divisions, although you need to read
David Greenslade to work ouCalfOverall, could be you’ll agree with Beth Booth:
Splendid is a good description of Orbis

Featured Poet,

Gaynor Clements: Bole Hill; Bole Hill II; Badger;
You’re Never More Than Six Feet From An Elvis Impersonator; Pater Unfamilias

Poems from Patrick Deeley, Bluebell Horse; Anuja Ghimire, landlady mua;
Sean Howard, poetic extracts: study #14;
Marjorie Maddox, Ode to Son as Encyclopedia;
Anne Rath, Witness; Christopher Pieterszoon Routheut, Toward the Suns

Prose from Neil Beardmore, Key Notes; Neelim Dundas,
The House Of The Big Brown Eyes; Lorna Sherry, The Dangers Of Spring

Past Master
Michael Spinks on The book of Job

Pauline Hawkesworth on A. S. J. Tessimond – The ‘Lesser’ Poet

Reviews by Maria Isakova Bennett, Jenny Hockey, David Harmer,
Clairr O’Connor, D. A. Prince, Theresa Sowerby
and Lynne Taylor

Orbis 191 contributors also include

Aidan Baker;Maggie Butt; Claudia Court;Natalie Crick; Bill Dodd;
Isabel Greenslade; Derek Healy; Doreen Hinchliffe; George Hopewell;
Jack Houston; Richard Hughes; Gloria Keeley; Simon Leonard;
Rozanne McCoy; Simon Perchik; Peter Sutton; Anne Symons

June 30



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FirstMarch10Orbis advert-1a

July 31

Wirral Poetry Festival Open Poetry Competition 2020


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FishNew Image

June 15

@ Fish Publishing Lockdown Prize

30% of all entry fees will be donated to OXFAM for their Coronavirus aid programme

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 June 15

Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year Competition 2020 

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July 12

Globe Soup
is looking for the best SHORT STORY
of no more than 5,000 words.

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Write your way out of it with Dawn Gorman

Please email me
for details of this, and/or
my full critiquing service:


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FingalMay14 Poetry Prize poster

June 30

Fingal Poetry Prize

Our generous sponsor is DHL Ireland

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May 31

Frome Festival Short Story Competition


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FrogmoredownloadMay 31


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