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Orbis 176, Summer

£5 (Overseas: £9/€12/$16); Subs: £17/4 pa (Overseas: £35/€42/$58)

Front cover artwork: ‘Horizon’ by Peter Leslie Wilks
back cover, detail from image:

Still waiting for the sunshine? Maybe this issue will brighten things up
Helen Ashley and some Borrowed Light, whether you join
Grahaeme Barrasford Young, Playing, 
Lorna Sherry up in Edinburgh,
Nicki Griffin, In Carnadoe Waters, or go with Juli Jana on a Bus Ride
Further still: Alec Taylor’s Space Ilimad. And humming along to
Lara’s Theme (John Arnold), you could enjoy Miraculous Kashgar,
Story told by Li Suo and Liang Yujing, and Watching The Invisible Man
with Patrick Deeley. But fine weather or not, unlike Hilaire, (I make no) Apology,
because to experience anything fully,as
Bibhu Padhi tells us,
what’s needed is:
Touch, Taste, and Time
all of which you can have with Orbis

Featured Poet

Peter De Ville:
Amoxy and Metro face the Dragon; The Blue Scarf; Protest and Intervention

Poems from: Daniel Roy Connelly: Austerity drives;
Katherine Crocker: Nakwetikyawa’s Well;
Alex Josephy: Misericordia:
Mary O’Donnell: On Reading My Mother’s Sorrow Diary;
Terry Trowbridge: The Raven Puppet; Patricia Walsh: Bruscar

Prose from: Phil Dunkerley: As Red as Rubies;
Oz Hardwick: The Drifter’s Song;
Val Williamson:

Past Master: Sean Howard on Charles Sorley

Reviews: Maria Isakova Bennett, Philip Dunkerley, David Harmer,
D. A. Prince, 
David Troman and Noel Williams

Orbis 176 contributors also include:

Gary Beck; Jane Blanchard; C M Buckland; Lucinda Carey;
Jim Conwell; 
Stella Davis; Judith Dimond; Frances Galleymore;
Chris Hardy; Ashleigh John; 
Gloria Keeley; Richard Livermore;
Tim Love; Terry Quinn; Chelsea Ruxer;
Caroline Smith; Jean Taylor; F. J. Williams

October 31

Southport Writers’ Circle Annual Short Story Competition 2016

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Cannon Poets’ Sonnet or Not 2016

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May 31-June 4

Liverpool Playhouse


There’s a kind of a quiz you may know: Mr White lives in the corner house

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November 30


Write the final 100 words or so of a story (any genre) –
and leave us guessing what happens to lead up
to your intriguing/shocking/moving/beguiling ending
Ist Prize: £100 + a bottle of personalised champagne,
plus a free critique of up to 1,000 words of your work.
Fee: £3.50 per entry
£1 goes to literacy charity Children in Crisis.
Deadline: Midnight, 30 November 2016
Hard copy of rules available. Handwritten entries welcome.
Entries (and any queries): 020 3078 7825; or by post:
The Final Word, WriteStars Ltd, c/o 43 Berkeley Square, London W1J 5FJ

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October 5-29

The Rivals

Liverpool Playhouse


Where to start, and where is it all going to end up? A plot so convoluted you could even say, the play’s not the thing:

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September 27

Shakespeare, his wife & the dog

on tour until November 23

Liverpool Playhouse Studio


A palpable miss – could have been me, I mean, having originally wondered can you be bothered making an hour’s round trip

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October 31

# Lancashire Authors Association

Flash Fiction Open Competition

Sponsored by Langtec Ltd.Lancashire

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September 12
Live Canon 2016 International Poetry Competition

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