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Orbis 170, Winter 2014

£5 (Overseas: £9/€12/$15); Subs: £17/4 pa (Overseas: £35/€42/$58)

Front cover artwork: ‘Church Street’ by Steve Williams;
back cover, detail from image: http://steve50wicks.wix.com/paintings

Of course you want to know what happened
on the road to
Ploubalay with Chrissy Banks,
though admittedly risking a peek over John Paul Davies’s shoulder into
Jack The Ripper’s Bedroom will makes you Perfectly Blue, Faye Boland warns.
Nobody, including Aidan Baker would classify it asThe Finest-Hour Syndrome.
best stick to the Facts, provided by Fokkina McDonnell
because you never know just what will squeeze out of the Genie’s Bottle (Li C. Tien).
Or do you have an answer for Susan Lindsay:
Shall We Get Swept Away By Lunch-time?
Why not find out? Will you be attracted to the shining lights in this issue of Orbis,
along with a surprising number of moths…

Featured Poet

Mark Carson: Grogan’s Castle;

Incognito, Cumbria; Holy Week, Ronda

Agoraphobics, Cambridge; Night flight, Karachi


Poems from: Sue Burge: Seven Easy Steps to Working with Angels;

Luba Ostashevsky; The Fish; Jonathan Lewis:Walking to The Nutcracker; Benedict Newbery: Film Review by Vlad


Prose from: Ágnes Cserháti: Standing on the Corner; Charlotte Gringras: The Thief of Time; Mark Reece: Forced Exercise

Translation: Anita Marsh; Anthony Costello; Anthony Howell: Alain-Fournier, LaRonde

Past Master: Merryn Williams on W.H. Davies

Article: Reading Poetry Aloud by William Alderson

Reviews: Angelina Ayers, Maria Isakova Bennett, Clairr O’Connor, David Harmer,
Afric McGlinchey, Jennifer A. McGowan, D. A. Prince, David Troman
and Noel Williams

Orbis 170 contributors also include:

John Ashley; Nick Burbridge; Jennie Christian; Annemarie Cooper; Barbara Cumbers; Fiona Donaghy;
Richard George; Alice Harrison;
Liz Horrocks; Mary Lee; Jim Lindop; Richard Martin; Jean O’Brien;
Anita Ouellette; 
Edward Ragg; Rachel Spence; John Whitehouse; Alessio Zanelli



July 7

The Brighton Prize


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June 1
Wirral Festival of Firsts Poetry Competition

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May 31
The Bridport Prize 2015

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MAY 31st
For unpublished book-length work.


1st Prize: HKD10,000/@ GBP800/$1,200 and publication
Short-list considered for publication.
Long-list may be considered for publication.
Supplementary prize(s) may be awarded.
Possible anthology publication
and long list readings.
Fee: £32. Length: 8,000-110,000 words (sic).
NB2, enclose two copies of entry form and send with payment:
The Proverse Prize, Proverse Hong Kong, P.O. Box 259,
Tung Chung, Lantau, NT, Hong Kong SAR, China;
UK: The Proverse Prize, c/o Miss Christine Penney,
58 Selly Wick Drive, Birmingham B29 7JH.
Full details and entry form on website.
Submission: NB3, one copy of mss + two CDs (closing date: June 30)
SEND TO: Sra Montse Figols, The Hotel Coma, ’Attention The Proverse Literary Prize’,
Ordino, Principat d’Andorra, AD 300, via France.
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May 5
(was April 30)
Writers Bureau Limerick Competition


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May 31

Pen & Ink Designs 3rd Annual Spring Writing Competition


Pen & Ink logo

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May 31

The London Magazine’s Poetry Competition 2015

http://thelondonmagazine.org /

LondonTLM Poetry Competition 2015 - HalfPage - FINAL

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May 31


All money in excess of prize fund goes to our charity Yeovil Community Arts Association
which sponsors group and individual effort in the arts in Yeovil and the surrounding area.


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Let’s do lunch – or rather, enjoy an evening together:
I’m Guest Poet at Words & Ears, Poem-and-a-Pint Night;
The Swan, Bradford on Avon, 7.30pm, Thursday, April 30:
‘ Bring a poem, story or song to share. All performers and listeners welcome:
open mic slots always available. £3 on the door.
Contact Dawn: 07765 106894; dawngorman27@virginmedia.com,
or via Twitter @dawngormanpoet

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