December 2017

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Historical Novel Society New Novel Award

Deadline: December 31

For an unpublished novel; online submission only

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WordsDecember submissions


31st December 
Words Short Story Competition 2017

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Tongue&G Logo

January 1, 2018
Tongues&Grooves Prose Poem Prize 2018

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Baskerville2Jay Taylor & Patrick Robinson in Baskerville-319 Photo © Ellie Kurttz #

December 9-January 13


A Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Ken Ludwig

Liverpool Playhouse

Reviewed for North West End


Off to a cracking start, with a huge clap of thunder, opening onto a desolate stage and five mysterious figures. In many ways, tonight’s special effects

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Photograph: Brian Roberts

December 1 – January 6

Jungle Book

Unity Theatre:

Reviewed for North West End;

shorter version appears on their website:

4 *

Have the Unity gone and done it again again – or have they over-done it this time: bitten off

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Short Stories

December 10

Irish Imbas Celtic Mythology Short Story Competition


December 15

New Media Writing Prize

Interactive fiction or non-fiction written specifically for digital delivery

December 10

Amnesty International York Short Story Competition

Theme: ‘Borders’.

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Orbis 181, Autumn

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Front cover artwork: ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters’ by Shanina Conway

The Long and the Short and the Tall? Well, long poems this time, certainly,
and a lot that rhyme  
(which perhaps this should do in honour of the occasion),
except –
Helen Harrison’s  
The Rhythm of Wood. Plus a couple under 10 lines,
and maybe you’ll agree with  
Gregory Arena, that We’re all Dr Who?
Yes, quite a few Tales of the Unexpected:
ever come across
The Patagonian Su? Let Colin Sutherill explain. Or you could visit  
Mt. Hiei
in the company of
Pauline Flynn, perhaps pay a Cold Call, with Martin Malone.
Meanwhile, Lay by Gale Acuff is entirely open to interpretation,
and better pay heed to
Marie Dolores’s suggestion: Beware the Meek.
What exactly does
Cathy Whittaker have in mind, saying, I will buy a trunk?
o prizes however for guessing whom Grahame Lloyd’s
Trumpery Trumpety Trump is about. And forgive us
if we seem to be blowing our own trumpet, Because reading the magazine –
you’ll soon see why…

Featured Poet

Lyn Moir: Life Drawing; Playing Deck Shuffleboard with Somerset Maugham, 1948;
At the Movies, Ohio 1942

Poems from Matt Barnard, A Portrait of the Artist as a Sasquatch;
Judith Drazin, A Blue TimeJonathan Edwards, Best Man;
Eve Jackson
, The Dutch Circus Came To Town and They Missed It;
Grahame Lloyd,Trumpery Trumpety Trump

Prose from
Gregory Arena, Examination: the Italian English Certification Centre Cambung ©;
Christine Despardes, MassCity; Joanne Feltham, Perspectivo (Translation):Perspective

Past Master: David Troman on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Article: Carol Sausman: On Rhyme and Reason

Reviews by Maria Isakova Bennett, Ross Cogan, Angelina d’Roza,
David Harmer, Lindy Newns, Lynne Taylor, David Troman
and Noel Williams

Orbis Contributors also include

Kevin Barrett; Jane Blanchard; A. C. Clarke; Michael Coy;
David Crann; Fiona Donaghey;
Kieran Egan; Scott Elder;
Aidan Fadden; Leo Holloway; Patricia Leighton; Tim Love;
Julie Lumsden;
Patricia McCaw; D. A. Prince; Tanya Prudente; Alexandra Sashe;
A. K. S. Shaw; Anne Symons; Philip Williams; Alessio Zanelli