Orbis 163


Orbis 163 Spring 2013


£5 (Overseas: £9/€12/$15)


Front cover artwork: ‘Geisha by Moonlight’ by Dana Gumms:




Featured Poet


Claire Louise Hunt: The Other; Vettriano; Symphony; Endings


Poems from Vuyelwa Carlin, I tell you naught for your comfort; Richard Dinges, Jr, Grackles; David Greenslade, Residual Cares; Hilary Hares, The Okitsu Lost Property Inspector;
Peter Longofono, This On?; Bogusia Wardein, Autobiography


Prose from Kittie Belltree, Fast Lane; Wayne Dean-Richards, Moment;

Nick Monks, Trying to Get On In Life


Translations: David Ball, Veilleur de jour by François Migeot; Zorica Sentic, quatre saisons


Past Master: Simon Currie on Hartley Coleridge


Reviews by Angelina Ayers, Ross Cogan, David HarmerJennifer A. McGowan,
Nuala Ní Chonchúir, D.A. Prince, Lynne Taylor, Dave Troman and Noel Williams

Orbis 163 contributors also include:

Shanta Acharya; Joan Byrne; Laura Ciraolo; Carole Coates;

Ed Coletti; Siobhan Daffy; Caroline Davies; Peter De Ville; Edward Dong;

Nicola Griffin; June Hall; Chris Hardy; Michael Henry; Richard Johnson;

Kathleen Kummer; Paul Lally; Huw Lawrence; Rowena Priestley;

Adam Reynolds; Michael D. Riley;  Vincent Smith; Alec Taylor;

Richard Thomas; Toni Thomas; Sarah Williams; Richard Wotton; Katrina Willoughby


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