March 2014

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March 8 – April 5

12th Night

Everyman, Liverpool



Sorry as I was to miss the Grand Opening, the impact of the first attendance at this splendidly refurbished theatre made up for it. The good news is, we were in the brand new gallery, whose nice comfy seats really do help you feel like being up amongst the gods; sadly, still not much leg room, and God help anybody less than slender making their way out. Read the rest of this entry »

Orbis 165



Orbis 165 Autumn 2013

£5 (Overseas: £9/€12/$15)

Front cover artwork: ‘Moonglow’ by Norah Ranshaw;

back cover, detail from image:


Featured Poet, Penelope Shuttle:
A Little Knowledge; A Number of Churches in Norwich; Haworth; Consultation 


Poems from: Susi ClareThe peach grower’s last request;
Seth Crook, What the Ferrymen KnowRichard HughesAll things pastel;
Dave MeddFirst Song of the Clown; Hilary MellonMr Lister;
Ada WhitakerTortoise Thoughts; Charles WilkinsonNames of the Modern Devil


Prose from Don AmmonsThe BullyKimmy BeachGranny Kick-Ass;
John SmelcerThe Lost Journal of the 1886-87 Swedish Polar Expedition             
Past Master: Vince Smith on A E Housman

Reviews by
Rosemary Badcoe; Maria Bennett; Afric McGlinchey; Jennifer A. McGowan;
D.A. Prince; Andrew Taylor; Lynne Taylor; Dave Troman; Noel Williams

Orbis 165 contributors also include:

John Arnold; Helen Ashley; Janice Ball; Michael Bartholomew-Biggs;
Denise Bennett; 
Norman Bissett; Faye Boland; Owen Bullock;
David Cameron; Eddie Castellan; 
Rhea Chung-Pomonis; Jane Clarke;
Robin Daglish; Jonathan Edwards; Pat Farrington; 
Silas Gorin; Sue Guiney;
Jenny Hamlett; Margaret Holbrook; 
Anne Lawrence; Simon Lewis;
Jennifer McGowan; Eliza Mood; David Olsen; Alexandra Sashe; 
John Tatum;
Heidi Williamson; Grahaeme Barrasford Young


Write Stars


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