Orbis 166

166New Image


Orbis 166 Winter 2013

£5 (Overseas: £9/€12/$15)

Front cover artwork: ‘Knight’ by Sergey Malkov;

back cover, detail from image: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/sergey-malkov.html

Featured Poet

Tom ClearyGoose; Lolloping; In the Frame; Anemone, buddleia, chrysanthemum

Poems from:Katherine DuffyAlpha Meets the AlphabetJane FrazierHa Ha Tonka;
David MohanFour Photographs of Anne Frank; S. S. Prasad, Eating Pongal;
Noel SlobodaMy Second Stepmother As Mole; Dorothy Yamamoto, Hares at Dublin airport

Prose from: Marie LecrivainThe WeaningArthur LevineCouch;
Andrew PidouxLady with an Ermine

Translation:W.D. JacksonSt Anthony of Padua’sSermon to the Fishes (From Des Knaben Wunderhorn, 1905; Anonymous)

Past Master: Michael Henry on Francis Bourdillon

Reviews by Angelina Ayers,Ross Cogan,David Harmer, Afric McGlinchey,
Jennifer A. McGowan
, Clairr O’Connor,D.A. Prince and Noel Williams

Orbis 166 contributors also include:

Sharon Black; Terence Brick; Arthur Broomfield; Alison Chisholm; Gladys Mary Coles;

Claire Dyer; Scott Elder; Mike Gallagher; Patricia Griffin; Katie Hale; Alan Hester;

Eluned Jones; Pat Jourdan; Eamonn Lynskey; Shirley McClure; Tom Moody; Jilly Munro;

Tanya Nightingale; William Park; Stuart Pickford; Susanna Roxman; Sheila Spence;

Ellen Storm; Brian Wake; Christopher Williams; Frank Wood


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