November 30
@ Vanda ‘n’ Linda’s Write Space Short Story Competition
Theme: ‘Secrets or Lies’


Songs for the End of the World

November 1



Yes, that title certainly does what it says on the can but as for Philip K Dick colliding/colluding with Ziggy Stardust – not so much. K, as in Kindred, incidentally, which is news to me, but the band are clearly kindred spirits, as you will see. Or rather, hear.

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October 31 – November 4


Storeyhouse, Chester

Touring – forever, probably


Ok, never a huge fan of Monty Python (except for the sublime ‘Spanish Inquisition’ sketch – bet you weren’t expecting that…), and to be honest, for some strange reason, thought I was going to see Life of Brian. Goodness knows why since this show has been doing the rounds for some time now.

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30 NovemberInktears

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FishNew Image

November 30

Fish Short Story Prize

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The Strokestown International Poetry Prize 2018

December 1
Strokestown International Poetry Competition 2018

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Southport Writers’ Circle Annual Short Story Competition 2017
Ends: October 31st

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September 30
SPM Publications Poetry Book Competition 2017

SPM PUBLICATIONS LTD, (Sentinel Poetry Movement)

Unit 136, 113 – 115 George Lane, London E18 1AB

Closing date 30 September

BedfordLondon Version 5.3 (1)Bedford International Writing Competition

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September 29
# The Manchester Writing Competitions
Open internationally; Over 16s

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