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Reviewed for North West End

February 20 -24

Sunset Boulevard

Liverpool Empire

On tour until April


Some shows, you automatically assume you know everything about them, and so does everybody else; here, the lines about the movies getting smaller and being ready for a cose-up. It’s a surprise then to find neither musical numbers, nor story for that matter, seem familiar. Correction: the plot

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The Play That Goes Wrong

January 29-February 3



Certainly does what it says on the can – when this production goes wrong, it really does go wrong. It is also extremely odd to review something about which you know nothing; the programme maintains the fiction, or maybe delusion, about a play called ‘Murder at Haversham Manor’, performed by an

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A Pacifist's Guide to the War on Cancer, l-r Eva Alexander, Elexi Walker, Lara Veitch, Bryony Kimmings, Lottie Vallis, Gemma Storr. Photo by Mark Douet

A Pacifist’s Guide to the War on Cancer

January 26 – February 3

On tour until March 29

Liverpool PLayhouse


I particularly wanted to see this show because it’s Bryony Kimmings with Complicite – a killer combination. You think that’s bad? You ain’t seen, or heard, anything yet. The production is of

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The Little Mermaid

November 25- January 20



Interesting to visit a show later on the run rather than on the Press Night, which always has its own shall we say peculiar atmosphere, heady with anticipation, and all the more so with looking forward to Xmas. The danger is the possibility of running out of steam and energy (and puff, if it’s

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December 1 – January 14

The Secret Seven

Storeyhouse, Chester


Can there be a child anywhere in this country who hasn’t read something by Enid Blyton – maybe simply because adults may tend to frown on such popular writers. Well, the past isn’t just another country but invariably politically incorrect and a nightmare for upholders of Health

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December 16 – January 7


Liverpool Empire

Reviewed for North West End:


Well now, what could be charming than a selfie with Duncan of Blue? A riveting production of oh not, not Cinderella again? Unfortunately, that goes

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Historical Novel Society New Novel Award

Deadline: December 31

For an unpublished novel; online submission only

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WordsDecember submissions


31st December 
Words Short Story Competition 2017

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Baskerville2Jay Taylor & Patrick Robinson in Baskerville-319 Photo © Ellie Kurttz #

December 9-January 13


A Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Ken Ludwig

Liverpool Playhouse

Reviewed for North West End


Off to a cracking start, with a huge clap of thunder, opening onto a desolate stage and five mysterious figures. In many ways, tonight’s special effects

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Photograph: Brian Roberts

December 1 – January 6

Jungle Book

Unity Theatre:

Reviewed for North West End;

shorter version appears on their website:

4 *

Have the Unity gone and done it again again – or have they over-done it this time: bitten off

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