Orbis 201, Autumn

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Orbis 201, Autumn 2022

All the best to you, and to Orbis!
(Glyn Maxwell; shortlisted for Best Collection in the Forward Prize)

‘Best wishes for the journal – and congratulations on such a successful magazine
over the years’ (Joy Harjo, United States Poet Laureate)

Single issue: £6.50 (Overseas: £11.50/€14/$16)
Subs: £20/4 pa (Overseas: £42/€50/$60)

Associate Editor (Book Reviews): Maria Isakova-Bennett
Please note with new collections, press release in first instance – not review copies.

Reviews by Philip Dunkerley; David Harmer; Jenny Hockey;
Jennifer A. McGowan; D.A. Prince; Pauline Rowe;
Theresa Sowerby; Andrew Taylor; Pam Thompson

Front cover artwork: ‘Melting butterflies‘ by Suzanne Bonds
back cover, detail from image

So which is it for you: A Dying Fall, or is September the new January,
full of new beginnings? You can certainly enjoy
Gabrielle O’Donovan’s
Miracle Of SamhainDrift with Rosie Adamson-Clark, and like Brooke James,
give thanks for 
An Abundance of Blessings – or be intrigued by
Capybara and a camera; let Anne Osbourn explain. It’s all in a good cause,
Tariq Hassan’s Ten Charities; just follow Alyza Taguilaso‘s Instructions
then you can appreciate Resurgam (Terence Brick) and concoct
something divine, like
Ian CawsConfectioner. But watch out for
Jeff Skinner’s warning about a Cloudburst, even more so
When it came to ways of saving the planet (Julian Bishop).
You may feel the need for some kind of
Defence, as Aidan Coleman does.
Or just a really good read…

Featured Poet: Pam Galloway,
Let’s go Big Toe!; Dovetail; Wings; Death and the moon

Poems from Ken Anderson, Simplex Munditis; Isabel de Andreis, condor;
Marilyn DonovanRed Knot: a MurmurationS C Flynn, Dinosaurs on the roof;
Martha Stainsby, Dragon Energy; Steven Taylor, El Lissitzky

Prose from Fiona Vigo Marshall, Serena conjures the unicorn;
Anne Osbourn, The climate change workshop

Translation: Pablo Dubois, El Pasado

Past Master: Mark Paffard on Andrew Marvell

Article: Philip Dunkerley, Noel Williams’ Words Of Wisdom

Orbis 201 Contributors also include

Daniel Boland; Sheena Bradley; Terence Brick;
Mike Barlow; Caroline Carver; Laura Ciraolo; Eithne Cullen;
Barbara Cumbers; Billy Fenton; Lydia Fulleylove; Gabriel Griffin;
Pauline Hawksworth; Christopher M James; Fred Johnston;
Zoe Karathanasi; Nigel Kent; Alison McCrossan; Bert Molsom;
Emmaline O’Dowd; 
Richard Palmer; Ali Pardoe;
John Priestley; Martha Stainsby;
Georgina Titmus; John Whitehouse



  1. Hannah Mueller’s avatar


    I would like a copy of issue 201 and also to subscribe for £20. How do I do that? I’m not on facebook. My friend and mentor John Priestly features in issue 201 and he recommended a subscription! I love reading and writing (and occasionally performing poetry) and would love to get published one day..

    Look forward to your reply.

    All best, Hannah.


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