Wolverhampton Literature Festival Fifth Poetry Competition


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December 31
Wolverhampton Literature Festival Fifth Poetry Competition


Open to poets from across the globe.
2022 festival takes place over the weekend of 4-6 February,
and the theme for both the festival and the competition is ‘Sounds of the city’.
‘Take us to your market, offer us high street haiku, sing the praises of your local bus.
Send us stories of sirens, sonnets to seagulls on rooftops, sagas about drunks singing their way home. Surprise us with what the sounds of the city mean to you.’
Closing date: December 31
1st prize: £400
2nd prize, £150; 3rd prizes: 50 x three
New category, for poets in a WV postcode: £75 + two £25 runners-up prizes.
Entry fee: £4 for one poem, £10 for three.
Judge Casey Bailey, poet laureate of Birmingham.
Please visit www.wolvesliteraturefestival.co.uk/competition.html for more details.


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