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Orbis 189, Autumn 2019

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Orbis 189 (Autumn)

£5 (Overseas: £11/€14/$16); Subs: £18/4 pa (Overseas: £40/€50/$60)

Front cover artwork: ‘The Silent room’ by Van Renselar
back cover, detail from image:

Do not despair…

We may be going less than gently into the darkest part of the year,
taking too much of a Forward Step along with Elizabeth McSkeane,
but like
Harry Gallagher, best keep Clutching At Dreams because it’ll soon be
you-know-what, and that could mean Pass the parcel with Alison Chisholm,
raising a
Toast with Liz Byrne – and a few Presents from Michael Swan.
But some of you may perhaps follow Rob Walton’s lead, making Assignations,
while others, 
as Linda King suggests, could make themselves useful mending; no,
not those kind of Seams, from Tracey Hope but what Laura Potts is telling us about
The Body Broken. Or finding out  about Samuel Prince’s Olympus Camera Rupture
and Martin Bennett’s Staffordshire Macwhirr.
Yes, it may be cold outside but you can always escape into the warmth of Orbis.

Featured Poet
Gerður Kristný
: Anne Frank; Triumph; Ægisíða; God; North

Poems from:

Jan Ball, Not sharing at Yoshu;
Alexander Hand, White sesame seeds, about two pounds;
Heikki Huotari, Confirmed; Beth McDonough,Yet another riddle of strange states;
Ann van Wijgerden, Elephantine

Prose from

Sari Pauloma;The Train Arrived; David McVey, Offending the Senses;
Mark Reece, Boy

Translation, Judith Wilkinson: Toon Tellegen, Wat Ik van een gedicht verwacht
and Woorden die hij niet kan schrijven

Past Master: Peter Viggers on Cesar Vallejo

Article: ‘The Spring And Fall In A Writer’s Step’ by Will Daunt

Reviews: Maria Isakova Bennett, Ross Cogan, Philip Dunkerley, David Harmer,
Clairr O’Connor, D. A. Prince, Theresa Sowerby
and Andrew Taylor

Orbis 189 Contributors also include

Alex Barr; Jill Boucher; Brian Docherty; Peter Ebsworth; Joel Robert Ferguson;
Anas Hassan; Alistair Heys; Nigel Jarrett; Carl Nelson; Mhairi Owens;
Khadija Rouf; Frances Sackett; Hermione Sandall; John Short