Orbis 186, Winter 2018

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I’m busy wondering why a male journalist would praise a book
for its ‘womb-trembling quote’? What does that even mean?

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Orbis 186

£5 (Overseas: £11/€14/$16); Subs: £18/4 pa (Overseas: £40/€50/$60)

Front cover artwork: ‘Art Deco‘ by Phillip Ward
back cover, detail from image: www.artgallery.co.uk/artist/phillip__ward

A Raven and a Crow walked into a bar? No joke ,
but a tale you’re sure to want to sample, about Ted Hughes, and John Smelcer.
And indeed, such a good start to the year 
with an issue ranging far and wide,
literally from the Sublime to the Ridiculous, if via the rather Grim:
Self Portrait with Death Playing the Fiddle, anyone? Thanks to Kevin Densley.
So perhaps I should ask myself, like Christine Curtis, Am I doing this right?
And move swiftly on to the practical, to watch Lorraine Carey, Patching up Loulou,
or fathom out the perplexing, in Keith Moul’s description of Avid Disinterest:
the Yogi,
the Mentor, the Model. Or we could join Camino Victoria Garcia
By the Aspetuck River, 
well, rather than following Eurydice’s Husband,
Úna Ní Cheallaigh’s versionwhile David Mark Williams can bring us
back to Reality in
Light Programme Avenue
Then we’ll finish off
Love from Dinah Livingstone – 
and from Orbis, wishing you all the best for 2019.

Featured Poet

Christopher Rice: In Transit; Skylark on Stackpole Head; Decoys; Paranoia

Poems from: Miles Larmour, The Corncrake, Alive and Cupped;
Dinah Livingstone, Love; Geraldine Mills, Above their station;
Lani O’Hanlon, My dream out; John Smelcer, Exodus Raven;
Alec Taylor, The Archaeopteryx and the Smilodon

Prose from: Michael G. Casey, Letter to Meryl; Shirley Jones,The Museum;
Marcie McCauley, Spectators

Translation: Dan Veach: Conde Arnoldos

Past Master: Sue Tyson on Edward FitzGerald

Reviews by Angelina d’Roza, Philip Dunkerley, David Harmer,
Jenny Hockey, D. A. Prince, Lynn Taylor and Noel Williams

Orbis 186 Contributors also include

David Ball, Clare Bevan, J. E. G. Blanchard, Sheena Bradley,
Jennifer Compton, 
Robin Ford, Richard George, Caroline Gill, Chris Hardy,
Derek Healy, Ashleigh John, 
Tim Love, Elspeth McLean, John McOwat,
Keith Moul, Natalie Scott, Roger Singer, 
Sue Tyson and Robert Penn,
Olivia Walwyn, Helen Whitten, Richard Williams


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