HISSAC Short Story Competition and Flash Fiction Competition

HISSACOrbis 190x128mm Portrait Artwork (1)

Closing date: 31st July 2018

HISSAC Short Story Competition and Flash Fiction Competition

Maximum word count: Shorts – 2,000 Flash – 500

£650 total prize money

Entry fee: £5 per entry, £12 for three, £18 for five: a mix of Flash and Shorts is encouraged

We like unusual, but no stories for children please.

More details: http://www.hissac.co.uk/CompetitionDetails



Mentorship Details

We strongly believe in encouraging new talent, and also that it is imperative for writers of all stripes to get an objective and critical view of their work before submitting it to agents or publishers, or going down the digital route to publication.

To this end our Chairperson, Man Booker nominated novelist Clio Gray, who was also long listed for the Bailey’s Prize 2016, has agreed to take on a number of writers to mentor.

As places are limited, please first send an outline of the project you want to work on, along with a brief sample of your work.

£69 for 1 long, or several shorter, short stories, up to a total of 10,000 words

£150 for a work in progress, up to 50,000 words

£250 for a novel up to 100,000 words


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