York Literature Festival / YorkMix.com Poetry Competition

February 14

Only three week’s to go

to get your entry in for the York Literature Festival / YorkMix.com Poetry Competition.


In just four years, the event has become one of the high points of the poetry calendar.

The prestigious literature festival teamed up with the city’s successful hyperlocal website

to develop the event in conjunction with YorkMix’s Poet In Residence, Carole Bromley.

The website attracts more than 100,000 monthly visitors,

and is believed to be the only city hyperlocal with a poet in residence.

Multi-award winner Carole is judging the competition for the final time

before handing over to a new judge who will be announced during the festival, which runs from March 10-23. 

Entries are £5 for a single poem, or £10 for three poems; multiple entries are allowed.

Open to poets from the British Isles, the top prize money has been increased again to £500.

Enter via the online form here http://www.yorkmix.com/things-to-do/poetry/win-500-for-your-poem-in-the-york-literature-festival-yorkmix-poetry-competition-2016/
Download a brochure for the festival itself from here  http://www.yorkliteraturefestival.co.uk


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