Proverse Prize


MAY 31st
For unpublished book-length work.

1st Prize: HKD10,000/@ GBP800/$1,200 and publication
Short-list considered for publication.
Long-list may be considered for publication.
Supplementary prize(s) may be awarded.
Possible anthology publication
and long list readings.
Fee: £32. Length: 8,000-110,000 words (sic).
NB2, enclose two copies of entry form and send with payment:
The Proverse Prize, Proverse Hong Kong, P.O. Box 259,
Tung Chung, Lantau, NT, Hong Kong SAR, China;
UK: The Proverse Prize, c/o Miss Christine Penney,
58 Selly Wick Drive, Birmingham B29 7JH.
Full details and entry form on website.
Submission: NB3, one copy of mss + two CDs (closing date: June 30)
SEND TO: Sra Montse Figols, The Hotel Coma, ’Attention The Proverse Literary Prize’,
Ordino, Principat d’Andorra, AD 300, via France.


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