Orbis 165



Orbis 165 Autumn 2013

£5 (Overseas: £9/€12/$15)

Front cover artwork: ‘Moonglow’ by Norah Ranshaw;

back cover, detail from image: www.norahranshaw.com/


Featured Poet, Penelope Shuttle:
A Little Knowledge; A Number of Churches in Norwich; Haworth; Consultation 


Poems from: Susi ClareThe peach grower’s last request;
Seth Crook, What the Ferrymen KnowRichard HughesAll things pastel;
Dave MeddFirst Song of the Clown; Hilary MellonMr Lister;
Ada WhitakerTortoise Thoughts; Charles WilkinsonNames of the Modern Devil


Prose from Don AmmonsThe BullyKimmy BeachGranny Kick-Ass;
John SmelcerThe Lost Journal of the 1886-87 Swedish Polar Expedition             
Past Master: Vince Smith on A E Housman

Reviews by
Rosemary Badcoe; Maria Bennett; Afric McGlinchey; Jennifer A. McGowan;
D.A. Prince; Andrew Taylor; Lynne Taylor; Dave Troman; Noel Williams

Orbis 165 contributors also include:

John Arnold; Helen Ashley; Janice Ball; Michael Bartholomew-Biggs;
Denise Bennett; 
Norman Bissett; Faye Boland; Owen Bullock;
David Cameron; Eddie Castellan; 
Rhea Chung-Pomonis; Jane Clarke;
Robin Daglish; Jonathan Edwards; Pat Farrington; 
Silas Gorin; Sue Guiney;
Jenny Hamlett; Margaret Holbrook; 
Anne Lawrence; Simon Lewis;
Jennifer McGowan; Eliza Mood; David Olsen; Alexandra Sashe; 
John Tatum;
Heidi Williamson; Grahaeme Barrasford Young



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