Kudos: for people who prize writing – you may be interested to know, with New Year, while writers are full of resolution, for a limited period only:

A whopping 3rd off subs, reduced from £18/4 pa to just £12, saving £6.


So simple to prioritise the competitions of most interest: cut and paste the necessary details, and voilà – your very own customized file.

And of course, ideal when running writer’s groups, workshops, courses etc since each member can have their own copy rather than having to pass one magazine around.

The magazine is always useful for inspiration, motivation and organization – if not indispensable, likewise to your colleagues and/or students; our subscribers include several magazine editors as well as institutions all over the world, such as New York Central Library and Harvard.

Plenty of opportunities for publication, including Overseas submissions, which are particularly of interest to many UK editors  – just as competition organizers often welcome entries from abroad.

Also an excellent resource for those interested in UK publication: information about magazines, Small Presses, festivals, literary events etc.

Plus: Xtra Kudos: newsletters to ensure you don’t miss out: priority receiving latest info and new contests – indispensable because it helps you keep ahead of the competition.



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