Autumn Kudos out now



Kudos 97


                            Runs mainly from September right up to the end of December,
                        and beyond in some cases

£5 (Subs: £18/4 pa)                                                                 

The writer who is tired of London…
                       could get a life and liven things up by entering a few competitions

The London Magazine Short Story Competition
Prizes: £500 + magazine publication;
£300, £200; online publication
Winners announced at event in the House of Commons, January

Fee: £10 (can be paid via Paypal or phone)   Length: 400O words
Judges: Avril Joy and Stephen May

SEND TO: The London Magazine Short Story Competition,
11 Queen’s Gate, London SW7 5EL


Other capital inspirations for poetry: Magma, Torriano, Southbank…
                                                         Kent and Sussex – well, near enough.

So, make it your (Poetry) Business to get to know their rules
and those for Café Poets and the Alan Sillitoe Society –
and to get organized with the Mslexia Diary

                                More prose opportunities from Henshaw, PenandInk and Southport
                                                                                        while foreign climes chime
with John Dryden (translation) Dorothy Rosenberg and …
                                                    Speakeasy (though no prohibition: both poetry & prose)

PloughNew Image

Yes, we’ve even got the Plough (poetry) and the Stars
(Writestars; short stories), as well as a few other devices:

TonguesNew Image

and Cannon

Plus some more to investigate: Ariadne’s Thread, Belper,
Bòrd na Gàidhlig, Bliss Carman, Chudleigh, Dominian, NUHA



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