Orbis 162

Orbis 162, Winter 2012

£5 (Overseas: £9/€12/$15)

Front cover artwork: ‘Broken Glass’ by Greg Moores  http://artbygregory.artistwebsites.com/


Featured Poet
Brian Daldorph: Reckoning; Dostoyevsky’s; A Good Deal; What’s Left

Poems from: Maggie Butt, Walls; Kevin Graham, Forbearance;
Gabriel Griffin, Still life; Maureen Jivani, Dear Fleshpots;
Michael Oliver-Semenov, The Pyramid Effect;
Ben Parker, From the Histories II; Robert Peake, Despot’s Progress;
Tom Phillips, Delegate’s Ritual; Catherine Smith, Flare (For Stevie)

Prose from Ed Blundell, Messenger; Rachael Hegarty, The Interval;
Oxana Poberejnaia, Warrior Monk

Past Master: James Coghill on Thomas Hoccleve

Reviews by David Harmer, S. J. Holloway, Lance Lee,
Jennifer A. McGowan, 
Kate North, Clairr O’Connor, D.A. Prince,
Dave Troman
and Noel Williams.

Orbis 162 contributors also include:
Yvonne Baker; William Bedford; Maureen Anne Browne; Mary Buchinger Bodwell; Claire Booker; Eddie Castellan; Jennie Christian; Jim Conwell; Margaret Eddershaw; Stephanie Green; Mark Halladay; Alan Hardy; Miceál Kearney; Daniel King; Lavinia Kumar; Lance Lee; Ali Pardoe;
Peter Phillips; Caroline Price; William Rush; Paul Saville; Tara Skurtu; Caroline Smith; William Stephenson; Edwin Stockdale




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